Best Places for Students in London

Being a student in London is one of the best feelings in the world. London, as well as the UK as a whole, is famous for its great centuries-old universities. They are the perfect examples of excellent education, rich history, and the centre of cultural life.

They are so desirable around the world due to their international environment and outstanding reputation. Overall, London students should, by right, consider themselves lucky to study in one of the world's capital cities. 

However, despite one’s beliefs, a student’s life is not only about studying or partying. Most London students also need to explore the city. Finding great places in such a big city as London is not so easy, of course. You need to know where to look for them and how to get there.

Still, being one of the most popular student destinations, London has a large variety of places that every student must visit at least once in a lifetime. Here are just a few of those places that you should never miss as a student in London. 


Kensington can be of interest to most international students. It’s not just a necessary part of any tourist program but a pathway to the history of this great city. All international students would love to see the sight and walk on the historic London streets.

All architecture students will also be amazed by the great and fully preserved examples of Victorian architecture. This whole district is the echo of the past era preserved in time and space. 

Also, do you want to see a real dinosaur skeleton? If it’s a yes, you can also pay a visit to the Natural History Museum there. Maybe try finding an essay helper to tell you more about the history of those beautiful Victorian buildings. They all have a story to tell.

However, those who are not so impressed with the history visits can dive into the shopping scene on the famous Oxford Street. Overall, the whole district is an absolute must-see for first-year London students.


The North of London is famous gastronomic heaven. Anyone who loves food, discovers new flavours, and finds international recipes, should visit Camden. Indeed, Camden market is a place that every foodie has to visit.

Whatever food or spice you are looking for, you’ll find it there. It’s a place where all the cultures and cuisines are coming together in a beautiful unison of smells and flavors. A person who’s never been to a similar market will be mesmerised by the scene. Not to mention that any culinary student will soon become a regular customer of this place. 

Richmond Park

So many students will find a rare oasis of peace and beauty in Richmond Park. A beautiful place is a perfect spot for young people to chill after a long day in school. It can also be a perfect sight to read and study.

The park was founded over three centuries ago by Charles I as a hunting residence. Years later, it turned into a rare natural resort in the middle of busy London. Truly, you don’t even need to be botany or environmental student to appreciate the impressive variety of fauna in the park. This gorgeous area will welcome every person who needs rest, peace of mind, and an escape from the urban noises, even if it’s only for an hour. 

Bishopsgate Library

Of course, when talking about the places for students to go, we can’t skip the libraries. A Bishopsgate Library, however, is not any random library, mind you. It is the only place on our list that you can never miss as a London student.

In a city that is always active during the day and night, we all struggle for some quiet alone moments. It’s especially true for the students who need to do lots of homework and study. Well, what can be a better place to study than a beautiful historical Bishopsgate Library? 

Honestly, there are more reasons to visit than we can put here. First of all, it’s ridiculously pretty. The tall ceilings, domed windows, and heavy old wooden bookshelves make this place a piece of art. By the way, any Harry Potter fan will also feel at home there as this place will remind them of mysterious Hogwarts somehow. 

Secondly, this place has free access for anyone willing to read and learn inside its walls. It has free Wi-Fi, so that you won’t be cut off from of civilisation. Yet, its size and the variety of halls will leave lots of space to get lost.

You can always find a comfortable place to hide with a book of your choice. Overall, it can be a great spot to work or rest that every London student must know about.