Things to do in London

As well as the famous landmarks of London, there are many other places to visit and things to see and do in this wonderful city. With so many activities and events, things to do, and places to discover, there is always something to keep you busy on a fun-filled trip to London.

Top 10 Things to do in LondonWhat is there for tourists In London? There is an endless variety of activities to do in the capital city, so here are the top 10 things to do in London.
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Why You Should Visit Green Street in East LondonFor an exciting and cultural holiday experience head to Greet Street in the London Borough of Newham based in the East End.
Top 10 Places to Swim in LondonLondon has some awesome venues for swimming and not all of them are indoors.
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Explore the Least Explored Places in LondonLondon is one of the most scintillating places in England and home to hidden treasures.
10 Places to see Horses and Go Riding in LondonMany people visit London for the beauty and magnificence of the horses that can be see at many of London's horse riding and racing destinations.
10 Alternative Attractions in LondonLondon is one of the most popular destinations in the world and for good reason.
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Great Zoos, Aquariums, Safari Parks and Farms in LondonLondon is home to some superb wildlife parks, zoos and farms which all offer outstanding experiences and exceptional days out for the whole family.
10 Best Ice Rinks in LondonLondon is home to many fantastic ice rinks, both indoor and outdoor, which make visiting the capital during the winter season even more magical.
10 Best Places to Eat in LondonLondon is not only is it famous for its historical buildings, a trip to the British capital is sure to be an adventure for your taste buds too.
Top 10 Places to Run in LondonLondon is a very beautiful city so why not go out for a jog and take in the scenery?
Why It’s Necessary To See the Royal Guards in LondonOne of the most spectacular aspects of visiting the capital is getting a first-time glimpse of the world-famous Royal Guards.
English Tea: Afternoon Tea in LondonWithout a doubt, the British love a cup of tea, which is often fondly referred to as a ‘cuppa’ or a ‘brew’.
Top 6 Unusual Hen Party Ideas to do in LondonBefore your best friend finally ties the matrimony knot with her love, it’s time to celebrate.
Top 10 London Theatre Shows and Where to Watch ThemLondon has many iconic theatres and musicals which are not to be missed.
Capture the Culinary Diversity of London at these City RestaurantsCapture the culinary diversity of London at these city restaurants.
London Taxi ToursTake a tour of the British capital in a classy black cab!
What are Souvenirs and why do we buy them?Did you know that 'souvenir' is actually a French word meaning remembrance or memory?
Free LondonThings to do and see for free in London.
London Walking ToursOne of the best ways to explore one of the world's greatest cities is on foot.
The Royal Parks of LondonThere are eight stunning Royal parks in London.
Annual Events in LondonSpecial events that take place in London every year.
The Museums of LondonLondon is home to a plethora of superb museums.
Ten Great Art Galleries of LondonMany of the best art galleries and museums in London are free to enter.
Christmas in LondonLondon is certainly the place to be at Christmas time.