10 Things to do in London SE1

London Hut asked Homegirl London, the London Lifestyle Blogger, to tell us about her favourite things to do in London. This is what she told us, “I moved around the corner from Bermondsey Street a year ago, so I’d love to tell you about my favourite 10 things to do in London SE1.

1. Seeing the Shard every day: This stunning building dominates the skyline in my neighbourhood. I see it every day when I leave the house to find a story for my blog. I love the way that it peeps behind buildings, sometimes it disappears for a while and you look up and there it is again!

2. Viewing contemporary art at the Tate ModernLiving near the Tate Modern is wonderful. It’s great to pop in whenever I’m passing by to see International contemporary art.

3. Seeing thought provoking art for free at the White Cube: This gallery, owned by Jay Jopling shows world class art, I’ve just seen the Tracey Emin exhibition and previously one by Gilbert & George.

4. Getting hot watching glass blowing at London Glassblowing: This gallery showcases gorgeous glass work by Peter Layton and his artist pals. You can watch the glass blowers in action at the back of the space.

5. Rummaging around Bermondsey Antiques Market: I love browsing the stalls at this small antiques market on Friday mornings 6am-12pm. I’ve bought a few things for my apartment which I love.

6. Watching an arthouse movie at the Kino BermondseyTwo for one Tuesdays has encouraged my partner and I to see more movies at this lovely little local independent cinema. It’s super cute inside with 52 red leather seats. They also have a bar and serve pizzas plus snacks.

7. Buying fresh veggies and artisan food from Borough Market: Living so close to this world-famous foodie destination is a pleasure. Buying fresh bread and artisan cheese has become a hobby!

8. Savouring grilled cheese sandwiches for weekend lunch at Maltby Street Market: At the weekend I often find myself at Maltby Street Market sampling some delicious artisan street food. Everything there tastes so delicious, especially the Cheese Truck grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh doughnuts at St. John Bakery! The vendors set up their stalls under railway arches and down a little street called Rope Walk which is bohemian and totally charming. Open Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 11am-4pm.

9. Slurping ramen at Flat Iron SquareDuring the week I usually head over to Flat Iron Square and tuck into a bowl of vegan ramen from Tatami. You’ll find a collection of street food vendors, food trucks, bars and restaurants along with a music venue and DJs at this space. It’s casual and social, a buzzy place to meet friends.

10. Relaxing in the Red Cross Gardens: There’s a glorious little 19th century garden located near Flat Iron Square which has a pond, pretty flower beds and a row of terraced cottages. It’s a pleasant place to sit down on a beach and read one of the free newspapers.

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