10 Royal Palaces of London

London’s Royal palaces are intriguing and many people from all over the world come to visit England’s capital city to view these grand architectural structures for themselves and to learn the fascinating history behind them.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of Britain's monarch since the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837 to Queen Elizabeth II who resides there today. It is the most famous of the royal palaces in England and throughout the summer the public can enjoy a visit to its State Rooms, which the Royal Family still use today.

St James’s Palace

St James’s Palace, closely located to Whitehall Palace and St James’s Park, the palace was used by King Henry VIII as a hunting lodge. It is one of the oldest Royal palaces in the city, built around 1531 to 1536.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is the birthplace of Queen Victoria and was the home of Diana, Princess of Wales, between 1981 and 1997. Once a private country house, it is now open to the public and you can observe the Victorian rooms with original furniture and family portraits. Along with the 242 acre Kensington Gardens, it is definitely a must-see during a visit to London.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is the oldest remaining English Tudor palace. The spectacular Tudor and Baroque architecture is admirable, as well as the beauty of the 60 acre Hampton Court Palace gardens by the riverside. The Hampton Court Palace Maze dates back to 1690 when it was created to entertain William III. Another highlight is the Home Park comprising of 700 acres which has its own herd of royal fallow deer.

Kew Palace

Kew Palace was built in 1631 and is the birthplace of King George IV. The palace is located in the greenery of Kew Gardens and has been open to visitors since 2006.

Banqueting House

Banqueting House is the only remaining part of Whitehall Palace, due to a fire. What once used to be the largest European Royal palace and originated from the 14th century. It is still used today as a venue for Royal special events.

The Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is famously known as the Houses of Parliament and is the home of UK politics today, however it was built in 1042 originally for use as a Royal residence. As well as the Clock Tower that houses Big Ben, the palace also has the Jewel Tower, built in 1365, in which King Edward III used to keep his treasured belongings.

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is a Medieval palace where Henry VIII grew up was later acquired in the 1930s by a wealthy family, who repaired the Great Hall and built on a house with a fantastic Art Deco interior design. Coupled with its lovely gardens, visitors can explore this wonderful site for themselves.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, built by William the Conqueror over 900 years ago, is still used as a royal residence today and is often the setting for official State events. You can observe the gothic architecture of the St George’s Chapel, the venue of Prince Edward’s wedding in 1999. Other stunning sights include the St George’s Hall, the Royal Library, the Drawings Gallery and the Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is without a doubt one of the most well known buildings in the world, with over one thousand years of royal history. The Tower of London, built by William the Conqueror, was once a palace, prison and a place of execution.