5 Proven Tips to Overcome Airport Anxiety

Airport anxiety is a common thing among travellers, as many people around the world feel nervous while waiting to board their planes. The crowds and chaos, which are a common sight at airports, can have an impact on your emotional state.

So, is there a way to deal with this issue and make flying enjoyable? Absolutely! Here are some proven tips to help you feel less anxious the next time you are at an airport.

1. Arrive Early

One of the primary causes of airport anxiety is the thought of missing your flight. Luckily, this is easily avoidable if you arrive at the airport a few hours earlier. You might feel uncomfortable spending extra time in a busy place, but travellers can always find something to do while waiting to board a plane.

For instance, large airports like Heathrow in London have apps to get live notifications about gate openings, access maps, pre-order food at the airport, and more. You can have a nice meal before the flight, especially if you arrive early, which will help you pass the time.

2. Spend Time in an Airport Lounge

Avoiding the crowd at an airport might seem impossible, as the constant hustle and bustle can make anyone anxious. But there is one place in every airport that is calming and relaxing – an airport lounge. You might think they are for first-class passengers only, but the truth is that airport lounges are not as expensive as we think. We recommend researching in advance and reserving a spot to have some quiet time before your flight.

3. Keep Your Mind Busy

There’s nothing worse for your anxiety than sitting in an airport and thinking about everything that can go wrong during your flight. Luckily, keeping yourself entertained nowadays is easy. While you can be old school and bring a book to read while you wait, smartphones and laptops can occupy your mind just as well.

heathrow airport london

Consider catching up on your favourite podcast, listening to music, or simply browsing the internet. Every airport has free Wi-Fi you can use. Just remember to stay safe on public networks because you never know how secure they are. VPNs are highly recommended for travellers because they encrypt your traffic. VPN tracking is hard but not impossible, especially when you use a free VPN. But when you choose a reliable VPN, tracking by a third party, such as cybercriminals or ISPs, won’t concern you anymore.

4. Take a Walk

People who face anxiety daily know how beneficial it is to take a walk and unwind a bit. Considering airports are spacious, you can always go on a casual stroll. Ensure you are familiar with the place and have a map application on your phone. Remember to switch on your VPN – tracking by a third party can be done through apps, too. It’s crucial to know how to return to your terminal on time!

5. Be Prepared for an Upset Stomach

Anxiety and stomach problems often go hand in hand. If you feel that something is wrong with you and need to find a bathroom as soon as possible, chances are you’ll feel even more nervous than before. While many travellers pack medication in their hand luggage, you should try foods like chocolate or any carbonated drink. You’ll be surprised how effective the latter is for stomach problems, such as nausea.

Remember, spending time in an airport can be a pleasant experience. The next time you feel nervous before the upcoming flight, use these practical tools to reduce your anxiety and enjoy your trip to the fullest!