London Transport

Getting Around and About in London

The thought of arriving in a new city can be a bit daunting but if you get to know about London's transport options you will find it is relatively easy to get from A to B in the Capital and soon enough you will know it like the locals.

Oyster and Travel Cards

Cheaper than travel cards and bus tickets, the Oyster card is the best ticket for London transport and will save you time and money when travelling on London's buses and trains including the Tube and National Rail services as well as trams and DLR.

Oyster cards are electronic smart card tickets which means they are quick and easy to use and do not even have to be removed from a travel cardholder when you touch it on the yellow readers on London's public transport services.

An Oyster card is reusable, unlike paper tickets which are more suitable for when you will only be in London for a day.

Kids Travel Free

Children between the ages of 5 and 10 can travel on the Tube, Overground, and DLR for free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket, and for free any time on London’s buses and trams. Kids under the age of 5 can travel for free on Thames Clippers River taxi services.

London Buses

The well-loved iconic red London bus is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get where you need to be in the city and you can enjoy the sights along the way. Bus services also run throughout the night.

London Taxis

Although expensive, licensed black cabs are ideal in an emergency as it is legal to hail such a cab on the street. However, if you are planning ahead, you could also book a minicab from a carefully selected private company in advance, which would be cheaper.

London taxis are the city's easiest way of travelling from one place to another, also they are very safe and perfectly timed. So why not splash out and hire a taxi to enjoy a jocund ride through the magnificent city of London?

London Trains and the Tube

The London Underground rail network, often referred to as the Tube, can be a very quick and convenient way of travelling around London. Transport for London offers free Tube maps which can be picked up at any Tube station.

For train journeys beyond the Underground, London's overground trains are efficiently connected with the Tube.


Undoubtedly the cheapest way to get around the city is on foot. As well as enabling you to get up close with some of London's best features, it is sometimes actually quicker to walk between certain Underground stations when taking into account crowds, stairs, escalators, and waiting time not to mention the ticket fare.


The Barclays Cycle Hire makes for a fun way to see the city while keeping fit at the same time. Renting a ‘Boris Bike’ only costs £1 for up to an hour and payment is taken by debit card.

Getting to and from the Airport

Taxis can be hired from Heathrow and Gatwick airports, or minicabs from reputable private companies are also an option. Both offer airport transfers however the pricing can differ, so it is a good idea to look up a quote in advance from an online car rental company such as which offers its car rental services in many major cities of the world, including London. Or if you're looking for the best prices on car rentals, try using

Express trains run between Heathrow and Paddington Station or Gatwick and London Victoria, which are a better option than taking a cab during times when there would be lots of traffic.

The most cost-effective option from Heathrow airport is on the Tube. However, it is advisable to look out for any line closures and the last train times in advance.

If you need to get the best airport parking deals, run a quote on an airport parking comparison website where you can get prices for Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, and Stansted airport parking.


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