10 Best Places to Eat in London

London is an amazing city with plenty to do, not only is it famous for its historical buildings and many other things, but a trip to the British capital is sure to be an adventure for your taste buds too. As there are so many restaurants and places to choose to eat from in this cultural melting pot of a metropolis, here are some of the best that will make that trip to London extra special.

Bella Cosa

When in doubt, turn to Italian cuisine! Well that’s not really a famous quote but Bella Cosa has some delicious Italian meals on offer. Based in Canary Wharf with stunning views over the River Thames, Bella Cosa serves Italian food cooked by Italian chefs; a real culinary adventure and you can’t get more authentic than that.

With a stylish seating area that overlooks the riverside, Bella Cosa offers an amazing experience with that London feeling that is probably the best you will find.  The restaurant is known for its excellent service and there are plenty of happy reviews from customers which show that it does really live up to its name.

A notable feature of the restaurant that sets it apart from others is the real pizza that is served. Pizza has come a long way from its traditional routes in Italy and the pizza sold here in the UK is just not the same, but Bella Cosa has brought the taste from Italy using fresh dough and an authentic recipe for a traditional Italian pizza.


For a taste of the fast of the Far East, Hakkasan is probably one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in London. Established in 2001, Hakkasan has expanded globally and has branches in various countries many of which have been awarded Michelin stars.

Owned by Syra Khan and Alan Yau, who both also own Wagamama and the new Yauatcha restaurant, Hakkasan serves Cantonese cuisine with a posh twist, with food in any colour you can think of. This restaurant, which has two London branches, in Hanway Place and Mayfair, is an amazing choice for Chinese food prepared to the height of perfection. Have a cooling mocktail or Hakkasan’s legendary dim sum, there is plenty on offer and something for even the pickiest of eaters.


For the best Halal Turkish food in London we have to turn to Selale who are, by far, the closest you can get to authentic Turkish cuisine in London. With a spacious seating area and friendly waiters, Selale offers such a wonderful dining experience with even more wonderful dishes such as the famous adana kebab or the much loved shawarma.

Whether it’s seafood or kebabs, Selale’s food is just simply delicious and Halal too, so it caters for many. Selale is unique and is a cut above the rest from other Turkish restaurants in London, there just isn’t anything like quite like it.

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

The mission to find the best sushi in London has been a particularly hard one but due to many five star reviews, and not to mention mouthwatering fishy delights, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi has to be one of the greatest. The main reason why this restaurant is simply out of this world is the fact that sushi isn’t the only thing served on the menu here.

There’s much more to Japanese cuisine than sushi and Sticks ‘n’ Sushi really promote this from their wide variety of dishes. So it doesn’t really matter if food from the sea isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other grilled meats and Japanese dishes on offer.

There are twenty one branches in total with quite a few in reknowned areas such as Covent Garden and Canary Wharf. There are private dining facilities and awesome food on offer, so if Japanese cuisine is your thing, a visit to Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is a must.


When it comes to Indian food, Dishoom is just something else. With everything you want in an Indian restaurant and more, plus the sausage naan roll making a tempting breakfast option for those who wish to mix the best of both cultures.

Dishoom serves traditional Indian dishes such as chole puri and biriyani but they also have also have a dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian menu to cater for all kinds of people, no matter their dietary requirements. There is a breakfast menu for early morning dining and a takeaway menu for those long and tasty nights in.

The Golden Chippy

When people come to London, they often want to try food from other countries, and who can blame them because London is so diverse with so many wonderful places to eat. But where do you go when you want to sample some proper British food?

The Golden Chippy puts the Great in Great Britain with everything you can expect from a traditional chippy at its best, including all the appetizing chippy essentials.

New London Café

Fancy a bite to eat but it’s not yet time to go all out with a three course meal? The New London Café has everything you need for a British brunch seven days a week. From organic coffee to a proper full English breakfast, the New London Café will ensure you’ve eaten well regardless of the time of day.

The café also have their own organic shop so you can be good to nature and yourself with a variety of homemade conserves. If you love a good café then this one is for you.


Established in 1981 and based on the famed Edgware Road, Maroush is top notch when it comes to Lebanese cuisine in London, with a variety of traditional Arab dishes such as Baba Ghanoush and Tabbouleh.  The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful seating area making it a perfect dinner choice regardless of the occasion, with two floors allowing 150 people to dine at one time.

Maroush offers an authentic taste of Lebanon in London that is quite hard to find. If Middle Eastern food is your thing then this chain of restaurants is highly recommended, from the more formal dining experience at the Maroush Gardens to the fresh juice served at their sister eaterie and juice bar; Ranoush Juice. Maroush has something for everyone.

Salt Yard

Spanish food is very tempting and the good news is that London has some pretty good places for it. However, the Salt Yard stands out from the rest with its excellent food and facilities. From tapas to paella, Salt Yard serves deliciously authentic Spanish food in a lively atmosphere and there’s even the option for private dining.

Salt Yard also caters for parties so their private dining facilities can cater for up to forty three people so it make any occasion quite exciting.

222 Vegan Cuisine

This is the ultimate meat free experience in London for all those vegans and vegetarians out there with simple delicious food and fresh ingredients. 222 Vegan cuisine is really a hidden gem for people who want to enjoy wonderful food without the meat.

There are plenty of healthy options and a vast range of colourful dishes that just have to be tried.