Top 10 Things to do in London

London is one of the best places in the world to spend your vacation, but what makes it so popular among the people of the world? The answer may be that it is such a popular place to visit due to the many things you can do in London. The British capital has something to offer each member of the family.

London is the perfect location for a city break, on par with cities like Paris, New York and Singapore, which also have many activities to enjoy.

So what is there to do in London for tourists? There is an endless range of activities to take part in here in the capital city, so here are the top 10 things to do in London if you are planning to visit via an airline such as Cathay Pacific.

Buckingham Palace

The residence for the Queen and the Royal family is open to the public, so you can take a tour of this Royal abode or see the changing of the guard and experience the celebration of what Britain is famous for.

Buckingham Palace

Built in 1705 as the residence of the British Royal Family. It also serves as a conference venue for state officials in the country. You should check the palace calendar before you visit, they are not always open to visitors every day of the year.

Inside Buckingham Palace, you will be introduced to the Queen's pavilions and art gallery. Outside the palace, the changing of the guard takes place once a day.

British Museum

The British Museum is an internationally renowned site, with a wide range of artefacts from around the world, from prehistoric to modern. Some of the best exhibits include the Ancient Egyptian Mummy Collection, the Rosetta Stone, and the Vindolanda tablets. Most exhibitions and fairs are free, although the museum hosts special events that require tickets.

Annually 6 million visitors visit this world-famous museum. Not long ago, the British government did a very beneficial job of making the city's public museums free to enter. Likewise, world-famous collections of history and art are open to everyone, from the latest art from the Tate Modern to prehistoric dinosaurs at the National History Museum.

National Gallery

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square houses one of the best art collections in the world. The art gallery was founded in 1824 and has since collected a collection of 2,400 paintings from the 13th to 19th centuries. Some of the outstanding masterpieces include works by famous artists such as Da Vinci, Renoir, Botticelli, Stubbs, Titian, and Van Gogh.

Listen to Big Ben

The popular name of the Elizabeth Tower is perhaps the most famous clock tower in the world. Big Ben was built in 1858 and reached a height of 315 feet. To hear the main and secondary chimes, be sure to schedule a visit to the clock tower.

The main bell, which weighs more than 13 tons, rings every hour. Secondary chimes sound every 15 minutes. The name Big Ben started as a nickname for the original bell, it quickly gained popularity and is used frequently to refer to the clocktower itself.

River Thames

River Thames

The River Thames, Britain's longest river, flows directly through London. It is 215 miles long and has several attractions along the coast. There are several cruises on the rivers that cross the Thames. You should consider buying one of these to get an overview of London. Along the way, you will see attractions such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, and the London Eye.

Go on a Forest Adventure

Going on a forest adventure in a metropolis? I bet you never thought you could do that in London! London's public parks and green spaces are a great reward for the city.

We especially love Bushy Park, which is located north of Hampton Court Palace. Not only will you find stunning wildlife and scenery, but the park has a fantastic history. To prepare for a day in a crowded and polluted city, take a breath of fresh air by walking through Bushy Park and visit the flora, fauna, and many other rare attractions you would expect to find in a secret garden.

Go to the Market

Camden Market

There are several markets in London and the best way to choose a few to visit is to follow a specific topic.

Portobello Square is famous for its antiques, so if you are a collector, you will be in paradise.

Borough Market is a delicious food market, empty on weekdays and busy weekends, allowing you to try food from around the world.

Camden Market is very trendy: stores that offer clothes for every possible subculture, tattoo and piercing salons, seated musicians, and loud music from everywhere.

Spitalfields is more sophisticated, surrounded by trendy boutiques, and the market is focused on young fashion designers and visual arts.

London Aquarium

The nearest tube station is Westminster Bridge (then cross the Thames) and just a few meters away from the spectacular London Eye, you will find the London Aquarium, which has hundreds of marine life and freshwater fish. All the activities take place in the basement of the former Greater London Council building.

A trip to the London Aquarium is a good day out, but claustrophobic people should be warned, as the summer months can be very busy. However, everything will be a bit calmer around Eastertime and worth a visit. It is best to book your ticket online in advance, as this will help you avoid long queues and take advantage of any available discounts.

A special thing to note is the underwater tunnel, where children (and adults!) can walk under a large water tank where sharks, turtles, and exotic fish swim. It's like walking on the seafloor!

Have a Picnic in Regents Park

Regents Park is full of flowers, plants, lakes, canals, and wildlife. Ideal for a picnic, walking or jogging. If you want to have tea, there are many cafes here. Regent Park is also home to the London Zoo. Although admission to the zoo is paid, it is well worth it for a memorable day out with the family.

Visit the Theatre

Shaftsbury Theatre

Paddington is close to London's famous theatre district and London is one of the best places for live theatre lovers. The West End attracts the best talent, performers, and shows. A variety of live performances, from new scenes, and classical performances to long-running musicals, take place on the London stages.

In the West End, you will be immersed in nightlife. From musicals, theatre, comedy, music, and good dining opportunities around, every night will be full of opportunities for a memorable night. If you're still energetic, clubs and bars in the area offer a great opportunity to stay awake while dancing the night away.

Now that you have information on the best way to explore London's tourist attractions, embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey and see the most incredible attractions, exhibitions, and history of London.

Right now, the hardest part is deciding what you want to see first. From the London Eye to the British Museum or Museum of Natural History, you can see the West End theatre and hundreds of other incredible attractions that London has to offer.


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