Top 10 Places to Run in London

London is a very beautiful city so why not go out for a jog and take in the scenery?

Whether you want to simply jog or train for a marathon, this gorgeous city is an excellent place to do it. There are so many places to jog in London, but here at the top ten places that you just have to visit.

1. River Thames Sightseeing Tour

The River Thames is the longest river in London and has many famous landmarks nearby, so it's no surprise that the run along this river is a rather spectacular one.

The River Thames Sightseeing Tour is something that all runners regardless of age should take part in and see what it’s all about. It has got “all” London has to offer with major historic landmarks along the way such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It is a 9.5km run which is mostly along the river, so there is no major street traffic to cause a hindrance. 

The length of the run can vary depending on what bridge is taken to cross the river; the Millennium Bridge makes it slightly shorter whereas the Battersea makes it a bit of a longer run. The main attraction of this run is the fact that most of the buildings tourists come to see are along the way, so that “London feel” is really there as you jog.

2. “Escape the city” Thames Run

This is another run located near the River Thames, however this one has a slight twist. Jogging along the Thames will eventually take you outside of the city and a more natural setting can be seen. Different runners choose to stop at different places, and a lot of people stop at Richmond and get the train back, but it is entirely up to you.

This run is for more experienced runners as the path is approximately 19.9km or could be more depending on how far you want to go. Not only are there famous landmarks along the way, there are also many green areas as you leave the city and the change of setting makes this run one you have to try.

3. Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a great place to run, not only do they have their own scheduled run every week which you can check their website for more details, but running there in your own time is an experience in itself. It is a nature reserve and many of it's resident deer can be seen roaming around.

This run is for a definite must the nature lovers and will be one place you are sure to want ticked off your bucket list for London. There is also a café in the park for snacks during your break and the atmosphere is quite welcoming. The run here is called the Tamsin Trail and it is all mapped out with times and locations on the runners guide to London website. This run is probably one of the most famous in London and is loved by runners everywhere.

4. Regents Park

Originally used as a hunting ground by Henry VIII, Regents Park is now one of the most famous parks in London and has a lot to offer from open fields, gardens and even the London Zoo. However, this park is an absolutely stunning place to run with Primrose Hill giving a wonderful view of the city.

The park has a wide range of facilities such and showers, toilets and a few cafés so your run won’t be interrupted by wasting time looking for a toilet.

5. Four Royal Parks

It’s really up to you how you wish to incorporate four of the Royal parks into your run but there are various routes where all four will be along the way. All of these parks have amazing sights and jogging through them can be quite refreshing. The great thing about this run is that it is entirely up to you what route you take and what parks you actually visit making this run quite different from the others.

These four Royal parks are the most famous parks in London and having them so close is a luxury not to be taken for granted. These parks are also home to many kinds of wildlife such as waterfowl, so if you are an animal lover this is the perfect place to run for you too.

6. The Railway run

This run follows an abandoned railway line that starts at Finsbury Park and goes all the way to Alexandra Palace Park via Highgate Woods. It’s about 5km long and the best time to go there is the early afternoon because it can get quite lonely when the sun goes down.

It is London’s longest nature reserve and combines natural settings with a derelict railway station where this is a lot of graffiti giving it a sub-urban look. It was declared a local nature reserve in 1990 after many efforts were made to convert it into a long road. There are also a lot of rare trees and plants along this walk making it not just any ordinary outdoor space.

7. East London Canal Run

This run starts at Mile End tube station which is about one mile from the Victoria Park and the jog is about 9.3 miles approximately. The area around this run was once industrial but now is very stylish and due to the renovation of the area following up to the 2012 Olympics.

The paths around the Victoria Park are called tow paths because they were originally used horse carts. You can cut the run if you’re short on time by stopping at Angel Tube Station in Islington or you can carry on going till you reach Regents Park for an even more active experience.

8. The Diana Memorial Run  

An excellent one for fans of the Royal family; this one spans from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace and has a spectacular view along the way. This run includes the big parks in the city such as Hyde Park and St James Park.

The run can be lengthened by adding trails in from one of the parks or can be shortened by cutting a park out completely from your journey. Each park along the way has many great features to see and facilities so no time will be wasted looking for things elsewhere.

9. The Wimbledon Run

The Wimbledon Common park run is scheduled for every Saturday at 9 am and is a 5 km run. However if the timings of the run or the route taken are not for you, then you can run it by yourself or with friends and colleagues at any time you fancy. The scheduled run is ran by volunteers and a friendly group of people so if you’re a bit of a socialite, this one’s for you.

The park also has a café so you can stop by for a quick coffee before you get started to boost your run.

10. Hampstead Heath Run

Based in the north of London, this run has lot of hills and the surrounding area is part forest, part field making it quite a spectacular view. It is good for hill training and is an amazing historical site. There are public shower facilities and places to swim making this park quite a good destination for fitness lovers.