Explore the Least Explored Places in London

With its high mountains and snow-peaked tips, there is no doubt that Europe is beautiful, the countries within it all have some natural charm and beauty of their own. Europe has fabulous and mind-boggling landscapes plus mesmerising scenery that allures many people from around the planet. The wildlife and the forests too enhance the region’s charm.

Amongst all of the European destinations, London is one of the most scintillating places in England. Other than being the capital of the country, known for all its famous landmarks, London has some hidden beauty too.

Everyone knows about London's famous Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, as well as all those other places which get a lot of hype. But, what about the other alluring sites of London, the ones that fewer people think of including in their itinerary?

Let’s take a look at some of the other places in London that are also not to be missed, just like their better-known counterparts.

1. Tulip Stairs - Queen's House

The most aesthetically pleasing and appealing among all the hidden places is the Tulip Stairs. The geographical location of the site is inside the 17th-century in Queen’s House, Greenwich. The staircase is built up in a spiral form and the last few decades are known for the best crafts.

The exclusive thing about the staircase is that it is the only staircase built without any support in England. The structure of the railing is framed with blue wrought iron which has flowers in it traditionally termed as to be the Tulips from where the staircase got the name “Tulip Staircase.” But, somehow it is seen that the flowers are Lilies (royalty stature of France) instead of Tulips, which were used from a respectful point of view towards Henrietta Maria of France.

2. St. Dunstan in the East

The place has been refurbished several times, but formerly built in the span of the 11th and 12th century is one of the secret and wonderful places of London.

The medieval citadel was partially perilled during the World War II period, and the decision not to reconstruct it was formed by the Anglican church. The leftover of the place is incredible and has the persona of the perished building, which increases the beauty of the shrine a bit more.

The walls are now formulated into a small garden. The place is a peaceful green oasis.

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3. Neal’s Yard

If you are a person who is fond of colours and gets attracted to graffiti, then Neal’s Yard is the place for you, which has eye-catching corners, some hidden bookstores, and some pin-drop tea shops.

It is a small alley that is full of culture and vibrance. The place has its opening into a veranda which has some vibrant, colourful pretences keeping healthy food shops plus cafes. The site is merely within walking distance from the Covent Garden train terminal.

Covent Garden

The location might seem to be small to you, but the atmosphere of the place will tightly grip you from the busy atmosphere of London.

4. Spitalfields and Brick Lane

The place shares some conspicuous feelings of some people. The key attraction of the region is that the fragrance aroused from the infamous curry houses has no match in the whole of London.

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The electrifying vibrant and vintage stores in the occasional side street or alleyway will blow your mind with one look.

5. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

The Monster Supplies shop on Hoxton Street sells extraordinary items along with the literary works which were inaugurated by the author Dave Eggers in the United States and widespread like a fire in the Jungle in the United Kingdom by Nick Hornsby.

The association boosts kids to get transformed into marvellous storytellers and of course, writers via literacy workshops. The store has also gained the credit of ‘Ministry of Stories.’

The services here provided are, for example, snacks with a snarl, as well as a salt formed from angry tears, harvested human ear wax, rainbow candies and night terrors.

The capital earns a lot of capital from tourists or travellers from all over the world. People not only come to this place to explore the charm but also to enjoy the adventures that this city offers. There are many more places to visit in London which in their way are just as attractive as the more well-known ones.