Finding Reliable Broadband When You Move to London

Relocating to London is a big move and when you arrive, you want to have a reliable internet connection that provides value for money.  

A fast internet connection from a good service provider who is charging a reasonable price can save you money and make life in the city much easier and enjoyable for you.

Finding Fast Internet in London

For faster internet speeds, you’d be better off moving to the suburbs and outer part of the city, rather than the more densely populated urban areas. Reports have shown that London’s urban areas tend to have slightly slower internet speeds than its outer areas. This may be due to the population density, which means more people may be using the internet at the same time in the same area. Research has also found that North London, except for north-west London, has higher than average internet speeds than the rest of the city.

Move to King’s Cross and you’ve somewhat struck fast internet gold. Google’s London headquarters are in the King’s Cross area and, naturally, fast internet speeds are important to the whole business of the search giant. You’ll receive up to 69 Mbps there. Other areas where broadband customers can enjoy a grand old speed include Barnes (69 Mbps), Twickenham (59 Mbps), Enfield (54 Mbps), and Barking and Dagenham (51 Mbps). 

Avoid Areas with Slow Internet in London

Stay away from congested areas of London. You may want to stay clear of Westminster and Rotherhithe. Research has found that they offer a mere 20 Mbps and 15 Mbps, respectively, which could be frustrating.

If you move to London and find yourself asking, ‘How fast is the broadband in my area?’, you can always test the speed of your service online. The good news is that in most parts of the city, you’ll be able to upgrade your service if you want your internet to be faster. 

Choosing a Good Quality Service Provider

Of course, the cost of the internet and the choice of a service provider is important. The Openreach network covers the majority of London, but not everywhere. Sky, Plusnet, BT, and TalkTalk are all on this network, whereas Virgin Media isn’t and, as a result, isn’t as widely available. Use a postcode checker to establish whether the internet service provider is available in your area before you sign up for your package.

Virgin Media offers higher network speeds, but they can also be more expensive. However, some consider Sky to be better than Virgin or BT because of the value of their TV packages and internet combined, their customer service, and availability. If saving money on your broadband is more important to you, Plusnet could be the better option. It’s a question of figuring out what you want most from your internet service and then making your decision.

Finding a good internet service provider that meets your requirements is important in a city like London. It’s a large, costly place to live and expenses can soon add up, but a reliable internet connection can help you save money and make life much easier in the city.