Cycling in London

Save lots of money on travel expenses and get fit at the same time by exploring the city on a bike.

Over recent years, the capital's cycling network has seen massive improvements, some of which include an increase in cycle lanes and safety campaigns for driver awareness. There are lots of suggestions for scenic cycle routes and safety tips that will help you stay safe and make the most out of enjoying and experiencing London on two wheels.

London Cycling Tours

Take the Scenic Route

The London Cycling Campaign has teamed up with Transport for London to come up with some scenic cycle routes which enable you to ride through London's parks, forests and waterways at your own pace in short and simple stages. TFL also offer free cycle guides which have recommended routes by experienced cyclists. Whether you are a serious cyclist or a beginner, there are several organised cycling tours to suit all levels.

Safety Hints and Tips

While cycling, safety is of utmost importance. Cyclists can help to stay safe by following these guidelines:

  • Always wear a helmet, especially when riding through busy traffic and uneven surfaces such as rivers and canals.
  • Stay visible to other road users by wearing reflective clothing and having efficient lights on your bike after dark.
  • Use a bell for your bicycle to alert pedestrians who may cross your path.
  • Keep your bike in tip-top condition and ensure your tyres are up to scratch and that the brakes are working.
  • Steer clear of large vehicles who may not be able to see you properly and parked cars in case start to move or open a door suddenly.
  • Stay focused and pay attention to what is going on around you and avoid the use of mobiles and headphones.
  • Signal to indicate to others whether you are turning right or left.

There are also free or subsidised cycle training courses for both children and adults to take advantage of in most London boroughs.

It is good to keep in mind that cycling on a public footpath without permission is classed as trespass and riding through a red light can set you back with at least a £50 penalty charge.

Bike Hire

The easiest and by far the cheapest way to hire a bike in London would be to hire a 'Boris Bike' for just £2 with Santander cycles, and simply ride and return it when you're done. The payment is taken by bank card at any docking station, without the need to book.

Disabled Cycling in London

There is a lot of support to enable disabled people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the freedom and health benefits of cycling including inclusive sessions with two, three and four-wheeled cycles, specialist bikes for sale or hire and qualified instructors who can offer help and advice.

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