Getting Around London on a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are electric-powered vehicles that are designed for the elderly or people with disabilities. They allow users to move around with convenience without the need to make too much physical effort.

Although mobility scooters are classified as wheelchairs, they are a lot more comfortable and easier to use. If you are looking to find out the complete features and benefits of using a mobility chair, click here.

It is not easy for elderly and disabled people to get around London, however, if they are using mobility scooters, it can be easier for them. The best way to move around London is through public transport with adequate disabled access and some other sources of transport.

Let's have a brief look at how to get around London with a mobility scooter while using different means of transportation.

Specifically Designed Help for Mobility Scooter Users

You can get timetables and maps at every station along with announcements and signs for guidance. You will get information about which stations are accessible for mobility scooters. 

Tube maps contain information on trains and stations. These are also available in large prints to make it convenient for the elderly or partially-sighted people to read. You can get a step-free tube information guide to know journeys without steps and the sizes of the gaps and amount of steps between the trains and the platforms.

Another important source of help is the Avoiding Stairs Information Guide. It tells you where are the lifts, and escalators and how to use ramps to get on trains. However, if you still find it difficult to use stations and board the train, ask for help from the available staff.

Last, but not least, elderly people can get a freedom pass that allows them to travel free on the Tube, TfL Rails, DLR, London Overground, Tram, Bus and some National Rail Services in London.

Get Help from a Bus Driver

If you choose to travel by bus, the bus driver will make special arrangements for you to travel easily. The bus will be stopped near the curb and will be lowered down, they also offer a ramp to get in with a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All TfL transport has wheelchair spaces. All the buses can accommodate one wheelchair user at one time. Most trains can accommodate multiple wheelchairs. All you need to look for is the wheelchair sign. Also, all black cabs have space for wheelchairs.

This makes it much simpler for elderly people to get around London with mobility scooters as these scooters can use wheelchair spaces. However, it may not be possible to use all mobility scooters on public transport. To better understand the requirements for public transport, click here. You will be required to get a mobility aid card to get on public transport with mobility scooters.

Travel Mentors

If you still feel it is difficult to get around London with mobility scooters, you can get the services of travel mentors. They will travel with you for the first few journeys to guide you on how to get around London safely on public transport, how to use a mobility card and how to plan journeys.