5 London Startups That Were Started During The Pandemic

The pandemic was an uncertain time for many businesses. But this was not the case for everyone – especially for many IT Support Companies around the London area.

There were 195 new businesses that have the potential for long-term investment and 145 of these were tech startups. The venture capitalist firm Antler has invested £120,000 in each of these startups. Here are 5 of the startups that Antler has invested in: is a combination of a writing assistant and an intelligence platform. The main goal of this company is to help those in sales increase the responses that they receive on their sales messages. It also suggests the best use of language and possible content, as well as providing analytics and insights which allow the salespeople to understand what drives positive feedback.


Swivel is the first video-based job board. It is the only online platform in the United Kingdom that connects potential candidates with companies using video. This has great potential as it allows companies to change the way they hire new employees. Have you seen how intricate IT Systems are for Accounting Firms? This kind of hiring power helps companies to find the ideal IT Support for Accountants or any sector you work in. It also streamlines the hiring process as it can cut down the interview process drastically, especially when it comes to having no-shows for interviews.

Online Pharmacy Delivery

During the pandemic, it became abundantly clear how much of an impact lockdown had on our ability to access medicine and healthcare products with ease, or like we used to. The pharmaceutical industry played a huge role in making sure patients had access to medicine that helped them with both minor and major medical issues. The introduction of medicine delivery changed the game and made it easier for those quarantining or self-isolating to get the medication they need.


FlowSpace is a new marketplace that is aimed at flexible workspaces that have become so popular with the more remote workforce we have post-pandemic. The platform gives users a view of places within 15-minutes of them, which allows users to engage with their local areas. We’ve seen how an Azure Expert or Cloud Computing Professional would use this kind of technology to help their customers. The aim is to increase productivity and therefore improve the quality of work produced. FlowSpace is subscription-based and allows companies to provide FlowSpace to all their staff, coming together to create a more engaged team. has developed cybersecurity deception technology. This technology was created specifically to identify data leakages that had previously gone undetected. The aim is to decrease security incidents. They do this by planting trackable records of the data that has been used in the client's system and then scans the surface, deep and dark web for security issues that could be related. 

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