Choosing the Best Salesforce Consultants in London

For you to implement Salesforce solutions successfully, you need the services of a professional Salesforce consultant. They will make the process smooth and ensure it succeeds. However, hiring the best Salesforce consultants involves a lot of processes, from identifying the potential company to interviewing them.

To help you identify the best consultants in London to work with, here are six tips to make your work easy.

1. Do Your Research

The first thing to do is research the potential companies. You can start by asking your peers who have used Salesforce before for referrals. Also, the internet can be helpful when conducting research. Here, you can search for case studies that are relevant to your business needs.

It will help you develop a Salesforce partners list that you will use to narrow down to one consulting partner to hire. Take your time to compare these companies. Also, check their implementation plans and requirements.

Then look for reviews of these companies from their website or online forums such as Salesforce Appexchange. Here you will find honest reviews about Salesforce consulting partners and a list of genuine partners that you can hire. You should hire one who has the best reviews and ratings.

2. Consider Your Budget

You need to have a tentative budget in mind before you hire a Salesforce consultant. You need a partner who can provide the most comprehensive and time-efficient services. However, ensure you can afford their services before you hire them.

The best way to develop a budget is by calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It lets you know all cost factors, such as product licenses, labor, long-term maintenance, and services.

When interviewing the company, you need to know what the costs are and how they charge. Some companies require you to pay for the services upfront, while others accept installments. If you do not have enough cash to pay upfront, go for one that will allow you to pay in installments or after project completion.

3. Customer Support

Continuous support from the company is another critical factor that you need to consider. You may need maintenance of your Salesforce software, updating applications, and consistent training of your employees.

You should hire a firm with a reputation for offering support even after the agreement has lapsed. It should also be able to provide you advice and support any time that you are in need.

Ensure the company has a customer service team with excellent knowledge of Salesforce to answer your questions satisfactorily when you contact them. Before engaging in the contract, you can get a glimpse of the experience by monitoring how they respond to your emails or phone calls.

4. Relevant Salesforce Experience

When hiring a Salesforce consultant, ensure they know the ins and outs of your business line. It comes in handy during project implementation as they will ensure they meet the requirements and deadlines and adhere to the best business practices.

Check how long they have been in business and their track record in the field. Consultants with more vast experience usually have a higher success rate as they know what does not work. Also, go for those who have a proven excellent track record.

Do not look for expertise in Salesforce only. Ensure that they have personnel with the following skills:

- Sales - As a business, you want to improve your sales, so you should hire a consultant with a team of sales experts. It will enable them to give you essential advice on effective sales strategies.

- Project management- This skill is necessary to ensure that the business project you are hiring them to implement is successful.

- Technology - Salesforce involves the migration and integration of data and other technology-related functions. The team you hire to work for you should have experts in software applications, Quickbooks, and other functions necessary. The team should also be able to train your employees on how to use the best software available.

5. Decisive Team

Do not hire consultants who agree with you every time, even when your suggestions make little sense. A good consultant will not look to please you to get the deal. They will interrogate your ideas and disagree with you where necessary, as they know bad business ideas lead to failure.

Also, the team will have other ideas to propose when you are unsure of what you need. They can make decisions that can improve your business performance. It shows that they are interested in the success of your business. Therefore, you can be sure that you hire a competent team to help you run your business.

6. Salesforce Certifications

A Salesforce consultants company needs to have Salesforce certifications. They are proof of their level of expertise. It also assures you they consist of a team of experts in various fields.

Those with the certifications may be experts in Salesforce administration, app developers and designers, consultants, marketers, CPQ experts, and many more.

Also, the partners get different tiers depending on the number of experts in their company. The tiers include Registered, Silver, Platinum, and Global Strategic Partner.


Hiring a Salesforce consultant is not a simple task. It takes time, patience, and money. However, in the end, your business will benefit immensely from their expertise.

When you get the right partner, engage them in a long-term contract to ensure you continue to benefit from their expertise when the need arises.