10 Business Website Ideas for People who Live in London

London is a land of opportunity for all those who are fortunate enough to reside in this buzzing metropolis. People have travelled from far and wide to live and to work in London in all sorts of sectors such as arts and entertainment, healthcare, finance, transport, and tourism.

If you want to earn some extra cash on top of an existing job, or you are fed up with your day job altogether and wish to become your own boss, you may find yourself asking the question; what is the best business to start in London?

The top 10 business ideas for people who live in London include:

Professional Photographer

London is the place to be when it comes to famous events and there is a always widespread need for professional photography. With the right camera and some good photography skills, you can offer your professional services at weddings, christenings, birthdays, engagement parties, and other special occasions.

You can also take advantage of your usual surroundings and create stock photography images that can be showcased on an eCommerce website so that you can sell them.

Online Boutique

London is a stylish city and there is no doubt that Londoners love unique, tailor-made, boutique dresses and fashionable hand knitted and stitched baby clothes, the type you can see being sewn on-site in trendy places like Camden Market.

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Whether you choose to source from another supplier, or get the sewing machine out and stitch your own label designer apparel, you can sell your products online on an Ecommerce website designed not just for reaching customers in London, but to reach buyers around the world, as well as in your own designer clothing boutique.


Everyone has to eat, but not everyone has the time, or perhaps the desire, to cook. Relying on takeaways is not only costly but unhealthy too when it becomes a regular thing.

You can run a mobile catering website, where you can display photographs and menus of the wholesome food that you can prepare and deliver to homes, businesses, and events.

People will be much more glad of the healthy alternatives that you have to offer and will enjoy the comfort of having a home-cooked meal rather than filling up on a greasy takeout.

Language Translator

London is a diverse, multicultural city, so if you speak more than one language, your bilingual or even multilingual skills are so valuable especially when people are in need of translators at business meetings and events. 

You can also become a remote translator and work from the comfort of your own home, translating anything from documents and paperwork to books and website content.

Virtual Assistant

With the rise of the Internet and the ongoing economic crisis, many companies have downsized their workforces and hired online assistants instead to handle several aspects of the business from their own homes or offices.

If you have a computer and the means to carry out the tasks at hand, companies can outsource their work to you, which costs them less than paying full-time work employees at their business location with all the legal implications of doing so.

If you`re an accountant then you can provide remote bookkeeping as a virtual assistant using QuickBooks enterprise hosting services or If you`re an IT administrator then you can provide critical support for complex IT migrations such as SharePoint migration, exchange 2016 migration to office 365, etc. depending upon your skills.

Cleaning Services

With the hustle and bustle of London life, it can be easy to let things slide at home. For people who are finding it difficult to keep on top of their housework, a mobile cleaning service is an absolute Godsend. 

You can provide your cleaning services in homes and offices, and market your business by having your own website designed to let people know what you have to offer and your hourly rates.

Airport Transfer Services

London is home to six major airports, so if you can drive, you can offer airport transfer services to the likes of people throughout London who do not wish to drag their family with a load of luggage on the Tube. 

By monitoring flight statuses in advance and getting your clients where they need to be on time, a good income can be earned.

Professional Gardening

If you have got green fingers, why not keep London’s green spaces in good shape and earn an income at the same time. There are plenty of gardens that need sprucing up around the city, but not so many keen gardeners.

Attract business by running your own landscaping website that has a gallery of all your gardening projects.

Hair and Beauty Treatments

If you are good at hairdressing, manicures, have a steady hand at bridal henna, or even fancy yourself as a bit of a makeup artist, there are many people in London willing to pay for these services.

Whether you have your own beauty parlour or offer home visits, it would be a good idea to have your own website designed to show your clients what you have to offer as well as give them confidence in your work.

Write an eBook

Just take one look at people reading on the Tube and you will agree that with the invention of Kindles and tablets, more and more people are reading eBooks, as opposed to the old school, conventional paper kind of books that end up taking up cupboard space once you have finished with them.

Compiling your own eBook is a great, low investment business idea. Write about a specific area of knowledge that you have or if you have a great imagination, come up with a fantastic fiction novel that you can sell online over and over again without all the printing and publication costs.

We hope you have gained inspiration from these ideas and are now on the way to set up your own business in London or beyond.

One thing that all ten of these business ideas have in common is that they would all benefit from being backed up by a professionally designed business website; in fact, some of them would not be possible without one.

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