Top 5 London Guide Books

A London guide book is an excellent source of information for anyone planning a visit to the British capital and makes a nice souvenir to look back on long after your trip.

We have put together a list of five great books about London which would make superb gifts for anyone who wants to learn more about this intriguing city.

1. Portrait of London

From the unseen corners of the British capital to the world renowned landmarks, Portrait of London brings together the author's intimate knowledge of London.

Judging a book by it's cover, the hard front cover of this book really caught our eye with it's striking photograph of the Queen's guards. Upon delving into this visually and informatively enlightening book, we were not disappointed.

It's the ideal gift idea for anyone who loves London and something special to keep as a nostalgic token of your own adventures in this wonderful city.

2. Unseen London (New Edition)

Unseen London (the New Edition) is the perfect book for those who wish to explore London’s finer, hidden “gems”. This wonderfully written book explores the interior design of grand buildings in London. Award winning photographer, Peter Dazeley has made sure that this read will be an experience to remember. Not only does this book include stunning photographs, it also has extremely well researched information about why each building, new and old, was made and what they are used for.

The breath taking photography and extensive information is sure to be of interest to readers of all ages and it makes a splendid book for tourists who want to explore this hidden facets of London hence the name; Unseen London. The new edition is fully updated as of 2017 and includes most famous buildings such as the Inigo Jones Banqueting Hall at Palace of Whitehall, the Royal Courts of Justice, Supreme Court, Bow Street Magistrates Court and even the Royal palaces of Hampton Court and last but not least the magnificent Tower of London.

Overall this book is an excellent read and will be a great addition to any London lover’s bookshelf. Not only that but it serves as a great tour guide for places that aren’t normally in the spotlight.

3. I Never Knew That About London Illustrated

I Never Knew That About London Illustrated is a combination of intricate hand drawings, beautiful photographs and rich information describing the many districts of London. Full of facts and stories, this superb book will take you on a journey through this wonderful metropolis and you will unearth inventions, adventures and birthplaces of people who shaped this city through the past.

The book is adorned with retro artwork and is filled with historical facts that are sure to leave you in amazement. This is a must buy for those who are hungry for knowledge on the capital of Great Britain. Winn's artist wife, Mai Osawa will take you on an outstanding journey through London with her stunning illustrations. In this book Winn describes the smaller but finer parts of London's history such as the steeple that became the idea for the first wedding cake and the largest meat market known as Smithfield. 

Full of small yet interesting facts this book will be a great addition to any bookshelf as it is suitable for readers of all ages. Christopher Winn provides the reader with fun but important knowledge on the more unknown facts about London.

4. Lonely Planet Pocket London

Lonely Planet Pocket London (Travel Guide) from the famous travel guide writers; Lonely Planet, this book will ensure you aren’t lonely while exploring this glorious capital city. This book contains everything you need to know about London. Full colour maps, basic needs, tips, honest reviews and a free pull out London map so you aren’t carrying the book everywhere. Lonely Planet Pocket London isn’t just any old travel guide, it is the essential travel guide for London and has every possible thing you can possibly think of in it.

The book is very user friendly with easy to read maps and everything is organised into neighbourhoods so you know where to spend most of your time. The book also contains locations of children friendly places to eat and walking tours. The book actually can fit in your pocket and will be your best friend while searching this city.

This guide book is the perfect choice for any tourist in London and will make the whole holiday experience a lot more pleasant as all the info you need is truly at your fingertips.

5. London: Panorama Pops

London: Panorama Pops is designed for the younger reader. It is made in a slipcase and features twelve of London’s more famous sights such as Piccadilly Circus, Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, The Globe Theatre, The Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and The Royal Observatory.

It not only includes information on the city of London but makes a perfect decoration piece as it folds out to a length of 150 cm. The book is beautifully illustrated and is a real eye catcher for the kids.

Published by the famous Walker books, Panorama Pops: London is fiiled with cartoon style illustrations and snippets of must know information about each of the famous places in London. From a famous department store to a cathedral, this book will ensure that you have the entire skyline of London on display with its 3D pop out style artwork. This isn't just a book its also a work of art and makes a wonderful gift for those interested in London or those that are simply just visiting.

In conclusion, touring the great city of London will be a piece of cake with these various guides at your disposal. They really give the reader everything they need to know and are simply just a fun read even if you aren't a tourist. Explore the ins and outs of London and and it's rich and eventful history. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and you will know alot more than before about this booming metropolis. So get reading and most importantly have fun!