Travel Guide Review: Only in London

A Guide to London’s Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

Only in London by Duncan J. D. Smith is a 244 page travel guide which takes an in depth look at the hidden gems of the magnificent city of London. The guide features well written and researched information complimented with maps and full colour images of some of the most astonishing and unusual sights to be seen in the British capital. This guide will certainly take anybody’s adventure in London to a whole new level.

The book is based on the author’s own personal experiences and provides fascinating tales of his travels and observations around the city, ensuring authentic and unbiased information for the reader, which is essential for the best holiday experience.

Only in London is quite different from regular travel guides and instead of focusing the most well known landmarks; it enlightens the reader about the hidden treasures of the capital, such as the Sherlock Holmes museum or art by the mysterious graffiti artist Banksy. The guide also includes information about various amenities which are not to be missed, such as cafeterias and restaurants where the traveller can enjoy a cuppa, at the legendary Twining’s Tea Shop for instance, or a traditional plate of pie and mash at Manze’s eel and pie shop. 

The book is extremely informative and is a must have for tourists and people who love the adventurous aspect of city breaks. The full colour photography, taken by the author himself, is a striking feature of the book and really helps to actually visualise the places, making this book a spectacular masterpiece.

Readers are sure to feel drawn to the city of London after going through this stunning guide, which we are sure is truly one of the best guides to document London’s many best kept secrets and wonders, that will also come as a pleasant to surprise to many of the inhabitants who thought they knew their city well!

All in all, we loved the author’s easy going and enthusiastic style of writing, as well as the layout of this book and unusual facts which left us wanting more and inspired us to delve deeper into the alternative side of London, which is often left undiscovered by many a traveller.

The author has used his expertise as a writer and years of travelling experience to produce a whole series of Only In city guides that cover the hidden delights of the major cities of many other European countries too.

 Visit the author Duncan J. D. Smith, the Urban Explorer’s website.

Book Review by Mo
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