Best Co-working Spaces in London

In London, and around the world, remote and hybrid working has become much more popular in the space of just a year, all due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One upside to it has been that many businesses have realised that they did not need to have all of their employees go into the office every single day – some businesses even decided that they didn’t need permanent residences for their business, and ended up getting rid of their office altogether.

There has been a huge rise in the number of Outsourced IT Support Solutions that companies can employ now to make this easier for them.

Businesses that do not have their own permanent office may still want the option to meet in person; in which case, a co-working space is an ideal solution.

There is a wide array of co-working options in London, depending on the size of your business, what additional services you want from the venue, etc. Below is a list of some of the top picks available in London.

There is a range of co-working spaces available for individuals, smaller businesses, and start-ups. The difference between these and the rest is namely the price, but they are also ideal for organisations that aren’t looking for lots of amenities and are just looking for a reserved space for their team or employees to meet at.


Othership is a unique service because most of their venues are not owned by them. Their business works by offering members that allow users to book either free or paid workspaces. If your company uses London IT Services or Solutions, then they will be able to help you with using Othership.

These workspaces range from cafes and hotels that have signed onto the scheme to purpose-built private spaces, as well as dedicated co-working spaces.

The memberships are incredibly well priced and are ideal for both individuals and small teams.

Icon Offices

Icon Offices has 3 service office spaces in East London. This is ideal for anyone in the area that is looking for a service that included utility bills and a receptionist service. There are even companies using IT Support for Accountants Solutions that make use of this kind of application.

Icon Offices have invested in installing fibre optic cables in all of their buildings, so you will be guaranteed fast internet when you work there.

Icon Offices charges £60 per person, per month. So, for an individual, or a small organisation, this is an excellent price. Within that fee, you also get access to meeting rooms once a day for free, and £3 per hour for any additional meetings.

For Teams & SMBs

These are the two best value for money co-working services in London. But there are much more available. If you are a larger, SMB-sized organisation, you may choose to invest a bit more for a premium co-working service.


Based in Shoreditch, Huckleberry is ideal for larger, more well-established businesses – particularly those in the tech sector. Huckleberry is focused on providing a collaborative environment with professionals that have similar goals and ideals. They host a range of networking events and after-work socials.

This co-working space would be ideal for any business that enjoys social interaction with other businesses that might turn into lucrative business relationships.


This is perhaps the co-working service most people have heard of. WeWork has made a name for itself as the go-to provider of co-work spaces.

They have offices, not only all over London but all over the UK and the world. They have options for hot-desking, starting at 200 per month, as well as dedicated desks; and businesses can also get private offices, starting at £660 per month.