Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Study in London

Choosing where to go to university can be a really tricky process, as you will need to decide on the right balance between the course and the location. The course is obviously the main point of going to university in the first place in order to get your degree, but it would be really tough to not like the location you will be spending the next few years of your life in.

London suits so many aspects of people’s lives and its accommodating personality attracts so many to study there. However, if you are still unsure as to why so many people flock to the universities of London, here are just a few reasons why you might also choose to study there.

Bored Easy?

If you are constantly wanting things to do and new places to visit, the 32 boroughs of London are sure to keep you occupied. There are so many modes of transport around London, which means that you can easily get to anywhere you wish. It has areas that will please all manner of people; if you fancy the hustle and bustle of city shopping, a quiet walk around the park, a theatre show, a great night out, there really is something for everyone here.

Education in the Capital

There are so many universities all across London offering specialist courses, many of which are ranked as some of the best across the world. The only downside with studying in London is the lack of campus, as universities in London are normally integrated into the city. Being able to have a campus and be in London is such a privilege, which is why Brunel University is a great option for new students. You can check out the courses offered by Brunel University in London online.

The university itself is located in Uxbridge which is an area of London in zone 6. This means you are easily able to access the heart of London without having to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle all the time. They also provide halls of residence which is a great way to meet people and ease into independent living away from home. Any university based in London has a great reputation for being based in the capital.

Post Grad Job Opportunities

It may seem way too far off to be thinking about your career after university, but time does fly and before you know it you will be sending CVs off to various employers. However, know that being in London gives you that extra advantage that you are in the hub of some of the largest companies in the world. There are so many businesses and organisations based in London that it will be so easy to go to interviews, or even apply for work experience to build up your CV. There are so many networking events in London too, due to the number of businesses based there and all of the new potential post-graduate talent looking for jobs.

If you are offered any kind of job or placement in London, you have another advantage that you will already have experience living in the capital and know that you are comfortable living there. It will make focusing on your career a priority because you won’t be worrying about moving to a brand-new place.

Multicultural Aspect of London

The multicultural aspect of London is celebrated in so many ways. Being able to try amazing different types of food, and go to so many festivals and parades, it is so great to be able to share, learn, and experience different cultures. About a third of the population of London is born outside of the UK. London wouldn’t be London without this incredible multicultural aspect, and being able to go to university in a city like this will open your eyes and allow you to meet so many people from all over the world, which is a truly magical thing to be able to do.

Great Transport Links

Not that you will ever be bored in London, but if you do fancy travelling to other places around the UK, London is the best place to travel from. With so many people commuting to and from London every single day, transport has been made so accessible to the rest of the UK. If you wanted to go and experience the north of the country, Manchester is less than a 3-hour train journey away, or if you want to spend the day relaxing on Brighton beach, the train journey will only take you an hour.

Going to university in London is such a privilege and is a great way to be able to live there too. As London has an extremely expensive property market, student loans have made it possible for students to enjoy and be able to afford to live in the capital. Take this opportunity in your life to experience all London has to offer - you won’t regret it.