The Best Universities in London

Universities in London are some of the oldest and most popular universities in the world. Education in England is chosen by those who want not only to get an excellent education but also to build a successful career.

We will tell you about some of the best universities in London, where future scientists, politicians, and millionaires study.

Features of Higher Education in London

Quality and reputation, tradition, and progressiveness – all this attracts students from all over the world to the best universities in London. British higher education has many features:

1. Endless variety of training programs

2. Impeccable technical equipment of universities

3. Maximum practical experience and internship

4. The best libraries

5. Attention to the development of moral qualities in students

6. Famous scientists as teachers

7. Opportunities for self-study, independence in drawing up a training schedule

8. Individual approach and personal mentoring system

9. A developed system of student unions, societies, and interest clubs

10. Attention to foreign students

Students should understand that applying to London universities is not an easy task. They should be prepared for the admission process and writing a good application essay. If students have problems with writing admission essays, then I advise them to buy essays on special writing services. In this case, the process of enrolling in the university will not be so difficult.

King’s College London

It is one of the largest, oldest, and most prestigious universities in England and is under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II. There are nine faculties, which include numerous departments and research centers. It is the largest European center for medical education and biomedical research. Its alumni include Nobel laureates, participants in the discovery of the structure of DNA, the Higgs boson, pioneers of artificial insemination, cloning, as well as heads of state and writers of Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy awards.

Richmond University

Richmond University is the first and only university in the UK to provide students with dual degrees: British and American ones. Programs in business, management, international relations, advertising, creative industries, and the arts have received accreditation from two countries at once, so teaching at the university combines the American system of the humanities and British educational standards.

Due to the fact that the university is private, much more time is devoted to academic mentoring and communication with teachers – an average of 15 hours a week. Moreover, the university’s own scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of tuition.

Another competitive advantage comes with the worldwide rotation and internship program. University programs allow you to start studying on one continent and continue on another. Rotation can be one semester or one year and take place at one of the partner universities in Europe, Asia, the USA, Latin America, Africa, or Australia. Internships at Richmond University are compulsory and last 8-9 weeks, and they can also take place outside the UK.

The university closely cooperates with companies located in the USA, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Argentina, China, South Africa, and other countries. Programs are closely related to industries. For example, the Premium Brand Management program, in partnership with Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, includes a mandatory journey to New York and lectures from speakers, including Victoria Beckham and Tommy Hilfiger.

University College London

It is part of the University of London and is one of the leading universities in the world. In the 2019 QS University Rankings, the college ranks 10th and 5th among European universities. UCL is included in the list of elite universities in the country by the Russell Group and is on the fourth line in the national ranking.

Thirty Nobel Prize winners studied and worked at UCL. Chemist William Ramsay discovered neon, krypton, and xenon in the university laboratory. Inventor Alexander Bell, former Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi, and director Christopher Nolan graduated from the university.

UCL has the second-largest faculty in the UK, with 920 professors.

Today, these universities are known in all places on the planet. They all have one thing in common: many people are dreaming to study in these educational institutions. If you dream of studying in one of these universities, we hope you will reach this dream. Good luck!