Guest Bedroom Design Ideas for Your London Home

Compared to other places in the UK and beyond, the room sizes of houses in London are relatively small, so having an extra bedroom in the home feels like a blessing. While it can have a different purpose on different occasions, you may most likely treat it as a guestroom to give your visitors a cosy corner to stay put without any hassle.

Still, not every homeowner provides this room with enough attention when designing it; they somehow put things together to ensure the room looks decent and offers all the essential modern comforts. While it is not entirely wrong, you need to remember that this part of the house belongs to you as much as any other. Hence, you must not discriminate.

You can equip it with some quick fixtures to save your time and energy, which is fair. For example, think about a bath plumbing fixture with a single hole for its bathroom. Such fittings release your installation headaches while keeping up with the aesthetic ambiance.

Thus, you can at least try to infuse things that give guestrooms a unique character aligned with the house's overall theme. However, it may look like work if everything else is ready. But you have to revamp this section to make the most of it. So, here are some ideas to make your guestroom renovation journey a little easy and lots of fun.

Use the Attic

It can be the cluttered and dark corner of the house. But it can come in handy when you need an extra bedroom to welcome your guest. The main challenge when working on its transformation can be the sloping ceilings and confined nooks. However, it should not bother you because guests have to stay there for a few days only. Still, you need to imagine this whole space well. For instance, low and sloped ceilings in the room may require you to choose low-height items. Also, wall lights can make a better choice than pendants.

If it is a large attic, you can build windows and paint the walls white to make the room airy and bright. Besides, it would need storage space also. To keep this area tidy, you can design storage under the bed. Towels, linens, and other materials can go in there. The storage drawers can also function as steps, which can be particularly useful for kids. The bed can be an elegant wood material, and there can be a wall-mounted light to illuminate the space without crowding the floor.

Transform the Playroom/Office

If you don't receive guests frequently, the chances are all the rooms in the home will be busy with something. And it is pretty understandable too. However, what will you do if someone suddenly shows up for a few days? Since it can be challenging to move everything away at one go, you can resort to the technique of thick curtains. The draperies can quickly divide a room between a private sleeping corner and a playroom. In your case, it can be an office too. No matter what, the curtains should match the colour of the bedroom and bathroom.

Utilize the Garden Room

Across the British capital and beyond, work-from-home culture has compelled people to seek peace within the various parts of their homes. In such a scenario, a garden room idea can easily click with you. You can opt for an open floor plan with a kitchenette, a shower room, and a bed. You can assign this place to your visitors so that they have their privacy. At the same time, you can use this place to play with your kids when it’s empty. You can imagine this room with wood panels, shelves, sanded floors, etc. In essence, the guestroom can emerge as a vision. You can access this place to seek some quiet time with yourself. Or, grandparents can also live here when they come on vacations.

Things to Consider

While visual details matter, little practical things or considerations stand out and make others feel respected. For example, if you assign the room to grandparents or older relatives, you would want the bed height to be accessible for them. Or, if you installed a fold-out bed, you can make it look attractive and cosy with the choice of bed linen and accent pillows and throws. Putting an armchair or an ottoman can be a great touch.

Also, in a spacious guestroom, you can include a bed for pet animals. If your guests visit you in London with their pet dogs, they will not face any issues. Additionally, adding everyday things matters a lot. For example, people often forget to carry their phone chargers. So, you can arrange for something that helps them with this. Since you may not know the brand, you can opt for a wireless charger plate where guests can keep their phones for charging.

As said, the guestroom doesn't need to lack vitality just because it is a spare room. You can make it as enjoyable as any other nook. For this, you can rely on artwork, photos, and posters. Besides, the en-suite bathroom can afford a freestanding bath in the subdued colored background, creating a relaxed atmosphere. If possible, try to secure some square inches for lounging purposes. A humble retreat or private corner can elevate the whole vibe of your guestroom, bringing its standard at par with any luxury hotel.

All in all, there are endless options to make your guestroom area appealing. Even if you don't focus on intricate details, the room can look sufficiently enjoyable, warm, and valuable the way you arrange it. Hence, be quite specific about what you add here and why. Since it may not be the most frequented area, you would want to focus on valuable additions instead of random things. At the same time, you will not prefer to crowd this space too much. It can create clutter, which can be challenging to get rid of immediately if someone pays a surprise visit.

So, what are your plans for the guestroom? If you are a caring host, you will try your best to create a haven of comfort for your guests. Just remember, your intent can play a critical role in the overall room decor. Hence, it is important to focus on the correct elements.