The Best Bathroom Accessories For Every Londoner

London, the capital of the UK and like all other major cities of the world, London is plagued with traffic jams. According to the department of transport, 18.5 billion miles of traffic were recorded across London’s 9,200 miles of road. This is not good news for any professional residing in the city.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that you find a routine that allows you to get on with your day as quickly as possible. And because the first room you visit when you wake up and when you prepare to leave your home is the bathroom, it becomes essential that your bathroom is in the best shape. 

While many components make up a great bathroom, one essential component is the presence of quality accessories. The presence of these accessories ensures your morning starts hitch-free and are crucial regardless of any other latest ideas for bathroom revivals you might have in mind. 

If you are going for a modern bathroom look, considering modern bathroom ideas or contemporary ideas, we have listed the best accessories that every London professional needs to fast track their day. 

Wall Mantra

This is like having wall art in your bathroom but with a bit of a twist. Instead of having generic art on your wall or a random quote, you can boldly embellish your personal mantra on your walls.

A personal mantra is a saying to motivate or inspire you to be the best ‘you’ possible. And seeing it every day before you go on your way to brave the uncertainties of the world just might be the push to have a productive day.

In addition, you can have the frame back-lit so that the words are legible whether you use your bathroom facilities in the day, in low light or at night. 

Heated Bathroom Floors

Having heated bathroom floors is not just an accessory but a luxury. But the results speak for themselves as having heated floors makes it easier to get up and use the bathroom.

If you are like me, you need to mentally convince yourself to walk the cold floors of the bathroom, especially during a typical British winter. You need to get into the bathroom to access all your essential bathroom accessories, which would be impossible if you lay in the bed literally worried about having cold feet.

Every second counts when you are trying to beat rush hour, and being able to jump right in the shower helps your cause. 

Glass Bathroom Set

Regardless of where you stay (whether it is in London or elsewhere) or what you do, having order and organisation is vital in getting things done efficiently.

You should not have to look for the soap dispensary or have the soap fall off as you bath or have to search layers deep in your shelves or drawers to look for cotton balls or cotton swabs.

The correct bathroom set, especially see-through, will allow you to see all your toiletries at a glance and will help you get on with your day with no time lost. Of course, many more ideas can help get your day on track, but this transparent bathroom set is a no-brainer. 


The list of accessories you need for your day to run extra smoothly is near exhaustive. However, the above-listed accessories are not only functional but also help the aesthetics of your bathroom. Used the right way, you have all you need to kick start your day in London on the right foot.