Best Apps For Exploring London in 2022

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. According to the 2020 statistics, the number of daily visits to the city was 4.3 million times. The number is really huge and impressive, taking into account the pandemic times. Naturally, there are crowds of people and if you do not know London well, it’s really easy to get lost in it. 

Thankfully, Jatapp prepared a set of apps that will help you explore the city in all its glory. You will find top assistants for all aspects of your journey below. Learn not only about sightseeing but also the most high-end gastronomic locations, how to get around London, and where to get the best entertainment. From now on, you do not need a guide in London. The free full-fledged guide is right on your smartphone!

Apps for Navigating Around the City

Everyone wants to travel better, London has tons of pitfalls though. If you want to navigate around the city well, the following applications for your device will give you a sense of direction. Get from one location to another one at ease!


Citymapper is one of the travel apps UK you should definitely install on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It would be great to do it before you arrive in London or right after you do that. Using public transport in that big and popular city can be a challenge, so Citymapper is indispensable for every traveler.

The app will help you with each type of transport, including Zipcar, Uber, cycling, and black cabs. You will not be surprised to know that electric scooters are extremely popular for moving around London nowadays. So the app will help with the Lime service even. 

Find out about the cheapest and the fastest route to get from one destination to another one. If there are delays on the route, the app will let you know about them. Citymapper has a great advantage over the rest of the London apps. It tells you which of the carriages you should choose on the tube for the fastest arrival to the required destination. 

Tube Map

Everyone has heard of the London tube. But if you have never used it before, it might turn into a real challenge. The most prepared trip for London would be to have a map of the tube in your pocket. The Tube Map is a mobile version of it. See where you have to be and how to get there in the best possible way. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Bus Times

The Bus Times is a great London transport app. London buses are a separate type of sightseeing. That application will let you know when the next bus shows up at your stop. All updates are made right on time. The data is received from live transport data. It also contains updates on the London underground lines. Just like the rest of the apps, this one will suit both Android and iOS devices.

Apps for Food and Drink in London

London can be highly appreciated not only for its destinations and tube but gastronomic trips to the city can be called some of a kind. Many cafes, restaurants, bistros, and bars in the city attract travellers from all over the world. Here are the best London apps that will help you find your best place to have a snack or drink something at ease. 

London’s Best Coffee

Visiting London and not drinking a cup of English tea or coffee is a waste of time. The Best Coffee is the app that will let you know where to have a cup of coffee in London in the blink of an eye! It is suitable for families and individuals. The best independent London coffee shops are at your disposal right on your smartphone! 

The app doesn’t simply give a list of coffee shops. You receive a detailed review and the type of coffee served. Choose a place where you can have a regular filter, decaf, or cold brew coffee. Check the available seating and baby change space thanks to this app. 


The app is totally free for both iOS and Android smartphones. Its title speaks for itself. You do not have to struggle even with finding a table now. Just open the list of all available tables at any place you are going to attend right now. Save your time and nerves with OpenTable!

Big Dish

That is a great city planner app that will help you with your last-minute reservations. Book the place for the same or the next day. You might say that it’s enough to find the necessary place, open its website on Google, and just book a place. Yes, it is if you do not want to enjoy a discount! Using the Big Dish app, you can save up to 50%! 

Pick the place depending on location, number of attendants, or cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants for big families in London, so if you have kids traveling with you, choose related places. The app is available for all devices operating on iOS and Android. 

British Street Food

British Street Food was created by Richard Johnson and is the best app for those who travel on a budget. Not every London visitor can afford to dine at expensive restaurants, so if you need the places with the best street food, that app is for you. No worries, if you go further, outside London, you can still use it. It offers all street food locations across the country. 

The British Street Food app is available for both iOS and Android. Select the places depending on cuisine or location. The app also tells you whether the chosen place is open or closed today. 

Apps for Leisure and Entertainment

You definitely come to London not just to eat or drink coffee. Entertainment and quality leisure is a part of your travel program. Check the best apps that will let you know where to get tickets for the events, entertain, and spend a good time in London.

Visit London

Visit London is available for iOS and Android phones and is a great getting around London app that helps plan your trip to the city. Current events, offers, tips, and free must-do things in London are available in just one small app. If you need the best shopping ideas, this application is also perfect for that purpose. Check theater reviews and even recommended restaurants. 


If you want to be updated on all ongoing events in London, the Hype app is exactly for you. It is optimized for your current area. The app is really smart and makes you aware of all the hottest events in the city that are happening near you. You can also check all ticket deals with its help. Top shops, restaurants, and bars in your location are also available on Hype. 


If you are going to visit London soon, be well prepared. The list of the above-provided apps will become your best assistant. Pick the most marvelous London app that meets your personal needs and expectations.

Since London welcomes millions of visitors daily, being lost in it is not a big deal for everyone making their first trip to this capital. The apps above work best in a team. They are created for your convenience and the most pleasant travel experience.