Unconventional London: Top 5 Things to Try

What can surprise experienced travellers in the British capital who have been to it more than once? Obviously not the prospect of walking along Tower Bridge and looking into one of the museums, a description of which is in every guidebook.

Travelling is always a way to relax and recharge with new experiences. Each city in the world is interesting in its own way, and even more so, a lot of amazing things await the traveller in the capital of Great Britain. In this article, we will tell you about 5 things to try when visiting London.

Go for a Massage Session

We advise you to make it a habit when travelling to set aside one hour for visiting the spa center. It sounds strange, but luxury massage is done differently in every country. And in our opinion, it is worth a try, because it is a good experience. Massage and spa you can leave on the last day of your visit. To relax a bit after constant walking and exploring new places.

Spa centers provide sessions of both regular massage and Moroccan baths with massage and much more. That will help you both relax and get a boost of energy.

Take a Ride on a Double-decker Bus

Take a seat on the second floor and preferably choose one of two routes (No. 9 along Trafalgar square – Green Park – Kensington High street or No. 15 along Trafalgar square – St. Paul's – Tower of London) on traditional double-decker buses. Then you will get the maximum pleasure from contact with the history of this symbol of London.

Try a Jewish beef bun

Be sure to locate the Jewish bakery Beigel Bake when exploring Shoreditch's hipster district. Jewish classic bagels are made here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with beef and pickles, herring, and salmon. Make sure to try the steak, and don't forget the mustard; you'll never forget the flavour.

The London Eye

A huge Ferris wheel called The Eye provides fantastic views of the city. The wheel is the focal point of London's yearly fireworks display and is illuminated at night in hues representative of the seasons.

You can spend money on a private pod for you and that particular someone, or you can share one of the roomy pods with other passionate visitors.

Bibendum Oyster Bar

Wash down oysters with a sparkling drink at the Bibendum Oyster Bar, which occupies London's most beautiful Art Deco building, Michelin House. If you can’t stand oysters, just look at Michelin House and splurge for lunch at the neighbouring restaurant of the country’s most famous chef; the eponymous Gordon Ramsay.

A Bonus Idea for Harry Potter Fans

You can try on the role of Harry Potter and find your way to Hogwarts on platform 9¾. Or at least take a picture with a cart that is embedded in the wall, smiling into the camera lens.

Finally, it's hard to imagine a trip to London without visiting Oxford Street. This is one of the most famous shopping streets, where you can find stores of every possible brand in the world. On the street, there are both mass market stores, as well as expensive boutiques.

By the way, the long Oxford Street at some point turns into another no less famous street of shops – Regents Street. Both streets are brightly decorated for every season, and they look especially impressive for Christmas when huge angels and other light installations are hung here.