Types of Bohemian Fashion in London

What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style tends to be the type of fashion that comes to mind when you think of the stalls of Hippie fashion clothing that can be found throughout Camden Market in London, all consisting of retro patterns; natural fabrics as well as some warm shades that merge with typical 70s styles. In other words, we can say that boho style is more than just a fashion, as it depicts a cultural ideology and its intricate history. It tends to be a part of the mainstream culture in London and other European cities.

Boho fashion started in the 19th century, and at present, you can get a wide range of bohemian dresses and accessories. Long bohemian dresses are popular, and people can wear them in different styles. They come in various patterns, fabrics, and materials such as long-sleeved bohemian dresses, amazing long skirts, and many other items of apparel. Moreover, you can wear bohemian dresses with loose or tight-fitting clothing to create a mishmash of elements.  

Not forgetting petite skirts, which when teamed up with some stripey tights and a pair of Doc Marten boots, make a total boho fashion statement. Petite skirts are short in length and highlight the shape of your body. The online stylist is there to help you to find a wide range of next maxi skirts as well as bohemian dresses.

Bohemian style encompasses the history of the 60s and 70s with natural materials and hippie-inspired patterns. In bohemian style fashion, silhouettes, laces, braids, and flared sleeves are an integral part.

Types of Bohemian

In your search for apparel that will give you the perfect bohemian look, check out the market stalls of Camden and quaint shops of Covent Garden and Brick Lane that have all the boho style clothing that one could possibly dream for. Check out second-hand clothes shops for some thrifty vintage pieces too. But before you get buying, you might want to decide on which type of boho look you want to go for, so we have broken it down into a few groups:

The Hippie Bohemian

The hippie bohemian style contains groovy tie-dye prints and extra long maxi dresses. In accessories, you can include handbags with flat sandals. Additionally, you can wear vintage rock-T shirts with bohemian maxi skirts, as this can also be a good option when you want to wear hippie bohemian style clothing.

The 70’s Bohemian

Well, talking about the 70’s bohemian means wooden clunky heels with ultra-flared pieces of denim or bishop and trumpet sleeves. Yes, these are the main items of the 70’s bohemian. You can also wear the bohemian dress with platforms and wooden accents. Vintage items of clothing from the 70s will complete your ultra retro look.

The Romantic Bohemian  

The Romantic bohemian mostly include the mesmerising appliqués, flouncy long maxis, and delicately crocheted knitwear. The ivories and blush tones tend to be the main part of romantic bohemian because it gives off whimsy and fairy-tale vibes. Moreover, you can get a more elegant look by adding some unique pieces of jewellery accessories.  

The Country Bohemian

The country bohemian fashion style is incomplete without denim. Wearing denim shorts, jackets, and skirts with cowboy boots tends to be the usual country bohemian look. In accessories, you can include leather belts and matching accessories with denim dresses. It will give you the perfect country bohemian look.  

The Eclectic Bohemian

The eclectic bohemian fashion is the mishmash because it has based on different cultures. The eclectic bohemian is a unique sense of style because you blend the different cultures into one masterful outfit. It is the most creative style of bohemian fashion.

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