Camping Tents: A Buying Guide for Londoners

One of the biggest requirements of going camping is having a tent. However, when it comes to buying one, not many people take important factors into account.

Air Tent

Since your tent is an essential part of your camping trip, here are a few pointers you need to consider when looking for one.


The first factor most people consider is the budget. Tents come in a variety of prices and can be as pricey or light on the pocket as you like. No matter what budget you have, always read reviews of the product and never buy second-hand stuff. For first-time campers, it is usually recommended to go for low-end items at first, and once they know what it lacks or doesn't lack, they can invest in a decent tent. You can find more information at


- If you like having more space to stand up, looking for a tent with a maximum height.

- If you want to cook inside the tent, get one that allows sufficient ventilation. On a side note, avoid cooking inside as it can be dangerous.

- Look for a tent with bedroom space if you’re not a fan of sleeping without a mattress.

- Check the tent details and evaluate if it can survive in different conditions. For example, in places with snowy weather, your tent should be robust and should be able to withstand winds.

- Do you wish to have an outside view? Choose a tent that has windows with curtains for privacy.


There are several sizes, formats, designs, and shapes for you to choose from. Make sure that the one you buy meets the given criteria.

- The design should be in accordance with the climate.

- There should be some level of waterproofing.

- It should be spacious enough to accommodate however many people you’re planning to.

Here are the different tent formats you should know of:









The size of a tent is measured in terms of berth/person/man to refer to the number of people who can sleep in it. However, it's not as simple as it seems because a four-berth tent may be sufficient for two to three people only. Therefore, never go for the same berth as the number of people. Moreover, make sure to consider the following:

- Find out the number of people you want to have in a tent.

- Always go at least two sizes up.

- Check the pack size and weight.

- Never ignore the comfort rating on a tent, as it suggests how comfortable a tent can be for a certain number of people.

Tent Jargon

Here is some tent vocabulary to help you buy better.

 Berth: It implies the number of people a tent can cater to.

 Double skin: It refers to the number of fabric layers a tent has.

 Denier: It is a way to measure the fabric’s thickness.

 Hydrostatic head: it measures how waterproof the tent fabric is.

Our Top 3 Camping Sites near London

Here are some of our favourite camping spots near London:

Plush Tents Glamping

This is for people looking for the best in “luxury camping” - a beautiful tucked-away spot in Sussex. 

Holden Farm Camping

Just a few hours away from the city, a spacious camping spot perfect for energetic kids and pets - and ideal if you want some space between you and your neighbour's tent. Located in Nr Alresford, Hampshire. 

Alde Garden

A camping site with options - whether you are looking to stay in a tent, caravan, or yurt, this woodland site is perfect for a country experience. Lots of greenery and located just a few hours from the city, in Sweffling, Suffolk.