7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Designer Bag in London

Any reason is a good reason to treat yourself to a new designer handbag from London.

Perhaps you’ve been offered a gift by somebody close to you, have some extra money spare to spend after getting a promotion at work or starting a new job, have sold an expensive asset, or have been saving up for a while to get the bag of your dreams and want to celebrate your achievement.

But with so many designer handbags to choose from and many with fairly expensive price tags, making sure that you pick one that you really love and will get a lot of use out of is essential. Take your time to research different types of bags to find one that you need in your life.


Many people go into buying a designer bag with just a couple of brands in mind, but this can be very restrictive. It is not a secret that Louis Vuitton bags are worth every penny because of their high-quality materials, fashion-oriented details, and resistance features. But let's be honest, there are way more options out there for you to try.

Sure, everybody has their favourite designer brands, but unless you’re certain that this is the only one that you want, it’s worth looking around at all the options available in London as you might be surprised as to what you can find.

Don’t just go for a designer brand because it’s the one that’s trending right now unless you’re lucky enough to find a bag by them that meets all your needs.


Designer handbags from London come at both ends of the price scale and you could pay a couple of hundred pounds or a few thousand.

Knowing how much you want to spend and being firm about it before you start will ensure that you’re looking in the right places for your dream bag and don’t end up being disappointed when you find a bag that you love, but it’s completely out of your price range.

Take it Online

Go into designer stores to have a look and feel of the bags, but don’t walk straight out with the bag that you love. You can often get great deals online, so if you’re looking to save money on one of these Loewe bags, it’s worth exploring designer outlet stores like SSENSE to see if you could save money by online shopping; you could even have enough left over to get the matching wallet as well.

This store offers a range of Loewe bags plus options from a range of other designers with designs and prices to suit everybody.

Consider Usability

There’s no point in treating yourself to a designer bag from London if you’re not going to end up using it very often. No matter how much you like the look of a bag, if you’re looking for something that’s going to be your main handbag, usability should be one of your biggest priorities.

Of course, you might just want a bag that you can keep aside to take to events every so often, in which case this might not be so important. But if you want a bag that you can use day-to-day, consider how suitable it’s going to be for your lifestyle before making the purchase.


What do you plan to keep in your bag? If you want a bag for carrying your laptop, wallet, keys, water bottle, ID cards, and anything else that you tend to carry with you on a daily basis, the size is going to matter.

The last thing that you want is to invest in a designer bag only to find out that it’s completely unsuitable to take to work because your laptop won’t fit in it fully. Be sure to look at the dimensions of the bag before you buy it and check out photos of models using it so that you can get an idea of the proportions.


If you want an everyday designer bag, consider what you tend to wear and how well your bag is going to match with them. If you prefer dressing in plainer, monochrome colours, then you might want to go for a brighter, more interesting bag to add a pop of colour to your outfits.

On the other hand, if you could be wearing anything from a range of different colours every day, pick a bag that won’t clash - neutral colours like black, brown, grey, cream, and white are ideal choices that will go with almost anything you decide to wear.


Finally, consider how you are going to store your bag when it is not in use. Make sure that you have space in your home to place your bag securely in a dry, cool place - ideally in a bag box or in the protective bag that you’ll get included.

When your bag is not being used, storing it correctly will keep it in good condition and avoid any damage, allowing you to enjoy it for longer and get more for it should you decide to sell it in the future.

Which designer bag would be the perfect fit for you?


The Big Smoke: Style Tips for Your Getaway to London

London is renowned for being a stylish city, with many claiming that the inhabitants of the capital city are more stylish than many European cities. But before we get ahead of ourselves the most important consideration to make is the comfort factor, if you don’t feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, this may affect your confidence and enjoyment levels throughout the day.

Due to London’s style reputation and iconic British fashion, you should aim to wear clothing that is slightly more formal than what you would wear elsewhere, you should ideally find a balance between style and comfort that keeps you looking happy and stylish.

Dress For the Weather

London has a reputation for being more rainy than other European cities, which makes it essential that you dress appropriately; due to British weather having the ability to completely change at the drop of a hat. However as challenging as this can be there are ways that you can mitigate this issue, such as dressing in layers allowing you to add or remove layers when needed.

It is always advisable to bring a lightweight raincoat with you if you are going to be far away from your accommodation, lightweight raincoats often take up very little space in bags; some even come with their backpack so you can carry them easily. If the weather is colder you may also want to consider bringing one of your heavyweight hoodies, these are easy to carry and can make the difference if you are feeling cold.

Night Out Attire

If you are planning on going for a night out to a restaurant or club you should opt for a smart casual outfit, such as a collared shirt paired with smart jeans or tailored trousers. If you are attending a particularly bougie event you may also want to consider wearing a smart blazer to complement the rest of your outfit.

Your shoe choice should complement the rest of your outfit, popular choices include leather loafers or well-polished boots. Your outfit choice is important on a night out as it represents your personality and can affect people's first impression of you, choosing the right outfit can help make you stand out from the crowd.


Adding accessories to your outfit can complement the rest of your outfit, popular accessories include:

  • Watch: Wearing a casual watch elevates your style without making you look too dressy and has the added benefit of being a functional piece of kit to tell the time.
  • Bags: Despite the obvious practicality of carrying a bag with you a bag can also be a powerful accessory item. Bags made out of leather communicate luxury, which can make an already formal-looking outfit look even more distinguished.
  • Hats: There are a wide variety of hats, which can suit almost any occasion. For example, examples of hats to wear on formal occasions include bowlers, Panama and boater hats.

Business Trip

If you are heading to London on a business trip fashion is incredibly important as our clothing decisions can affect how other people think of us, particularly if you are meeting for the first time. Wearing a stylish and impactful formal outfit can make you appear more in command and control and can result in others holding you in a higher level of respect. Of course, the industry you are in will affect the exploitation of others surrounding fashion; with more creative industries such as marketing, music or photography having reduced pressure to dress up to the nines.

Whenever you are travelling it is important to wear clothing that is comfortable for you, there are plenty of outfit styles that are a perfect blend of comfort and style helping you to stand out and feel great at the same time.

How Do You Arrange and Store Your Jewellery Items?

Jewellery is an excellent way to accessorize, and it's also a great tool for you to communicate your style. However, it is often a struggle to keep track of the tiny items, and they can also break easily. If you have a large and growing jewellery collection, the chances are that you might already be dealing with tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and damaged jewellery.

That's exactly why you need a few of the smart and creative jewellery storage solutions that will help you sort, display, and store your collection of items.

Jewellery Storage Ideas That are Suitable for Small Spaces

If you have a small place – it could be a dorm room, a studio apartment, or a skinny closet – you might think that your collection has no space where to be stored.

Nevertheless, several crafty and space-saving storage ideas can help you maximize your limited space and still have everything you need to be organized and accessible. Create your storage ideas for small spaces using one or more of the options provided.

Hanging Jewellery Organizer

Organizer on the door such as a hanger or on the wall, can be great to save space and show off your jewellery simultaneously. Organizers can give you pockets, hooks, bars, or slots to hold things like necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets.

Another idea to do the DIY project is using a corkboard, picture frame, pegboard, and wire mesh. 

A Bracelet Tree or Jewellery Stand

Jewellery stands are another option to display your accessories and free space on your vanity or dresser. Jewelry stands or trees are usually used and they have hooks or branches or tiers for you to hang your ornaments.

Moreover, you can do these using a wooden dowel, a metal rod, a vase, or a plant pot.

A Jewellery Pouch or a Jewellery Roll

It is a space-saver and a handy way to carry your jewellery while travelling and generally at home. Small pouches and rolls are available with pockets that have snap or zipper closures to hold back your jewellery

Jewellery Case or Jewellery Shadow Box

In this masterfully designed piece, you can display your jewellery in a spacious place. You will encounter display cases or shadow boxes that have glass, wood, or metal frames, and velvet, linen, or silk backgrounds that are amenable to displaying your favourites.

jewellery organizer

And, you can also decorate a display case or a shadow box using a picture frame, a wooden box, or a cardboard box.

A Jewellery Drawer or a Jewellery Divider

Many earrings are small so store them in a jewellery drawer or a jewelry divider. This is bedroom jewelry storage being both compartments and decorative. You can source drawers and dividers with slots, trays, or inserts to help you organize your jewellery. All you need is a drawer, a foam board, or cardboard.

Hanging Organizers

Have vertical space in your closet or dressing area maximally; use hanging jewellery organizers. These space-saving techniques usually have several pockets, compartments, and loops that are designed for storing and organization of different jewellery types.

Hang them on the back of a door or inside of a closet where they can be easily accessible. On the contrary, using a hanging jewellery organizer with clear vinyl pockets to ensure visibility, would help you know and get your things easily.

Travel Cases and Rolls

Keep your jewelry safe and tidy in travel-friendly storage cases and rolls which are perfect to take along. Compact and portable, these cases are intended to safeguard your jewellery from knocks and tangles that may occur when travelling.

In addition, try to find the ones with cushioned pockets, zippered pouches, and secure closings to ensure that your jewellery is safe during the trip.

This is an excellent choice for travellers who need to pack their jewellery in suitcases or carry-on bags since it provides a handy option to take your favourite pieces with you wherever you go.

DIY Jewellery Storage Ideas

Organizing your jewellery doesn't mean to encumber you. Having the right storage options is a way to protect your valuables, and make them easily reachable, and aesthetically exhibited.

Whether you like to hang ornaments, or practical organizers or get hands-on with make-your-own storage, there are many creative ways to keep and organize your jewellery stylishly. So you go ahead, and now express your creativity and the pride of owning a personal and fashionable jewellery collection that suits you perfectly.

Jewellery is very nice for decoration and expression of style, however, it can be even a headache sometimes when trying to keep it organized and safe. That's why you should have some smart and inventive ideas about your jewellery organization to assist you in separating, presenting, and storing your jewellery collection.

No matter whether you need a solution for a small, medium-sized, or large space with a tight or flexible budget and a simple or elaborate style, the best jewellery storage ideas are among you! We are offering here some jewellery storage tips that will help you keep your jewellery organized, accessible, and aesthetically appealing.

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