London Souvenir Models

A day out to London is truly a wonderful experience, there is much to see and the city has many attractions. Some of the top attractions include historical landmarks; buildings like the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London are some of the favourites, each place having its own story to tell.

But choosing a London souvenir to take home in order to cherish the moment can be an arduous task indeed; there is a wide range of fantastic British souvenirs and it’s easy to get lost among them. The best way to treasure and remember your favourite London landmark is through keeping a London model; with a miniature version of the landmark, you can take the beauty of London's architecture home with you.

Hand-painted London model souvenirs are some of the best gift ideas available and with this handy list, we hope to help the reader in choosing some great, artistic souvenirs that make perfect decoration pieces.

London Stone Models

Miniature London stone models are exquisite depictions of some famous Landmarks. The style of these models is a perfect representation of historical landmarks due to the antique look. They are carefully made for an as accurate likeness as possible and just look like smaller versions of the landmark. The models are made from resin are excellently hand-painted, they also feature the name of the building on the base of the model.

Some London stone models include:

- Big Ben
- Houses of Parliament
- Buckingham Palace
- London Eye
- Tower Bridge

London Money Boxes

Save up those pennies with a London souvenir money box, and even better, display it on the mantelpiece as it also makes a wonderful model. London money boxes are practical decoration pieces with dual functions: a piggy-bank as well as being an ornament.

Some London money box variations are:

- Big Ben money box
- Red telephone money box
- British post box money box
- Double Decker bus money box

Both are die-cast and are a fantastic gift idea for someone who likes to save up their spare change in style.

London Die-Cast Models

Some of the most popular varieties of London model souvenirs are die-cast models, these high-quality metal models never fail to impress. London die-cast models are small and are ideal display pieces, due to their size multiple models can be displayed at the same time creating an iconic combination such as a telephone box, post box and red bus.

If you fancy taking the ornament with you, the same models are also obtainable in the form of London souvenir key chains, that way you carry it with you rather than just displaying it at home.

London Pull-back Models

Another type of London die-cast model, pull-back models are so cool (and fun) they need a section for themselves. London pull-back models are not only fancy ornaments but also make an ideal gift idea for children; watch as the car/bus is pulled back and once let go, whizzes past you at a high speed. Some of the pull-back models, like the taxis, even feature opening doors making it even fancier.

Here are some types of London pull-back model cars:

- London red bus model
- London black taxi model
- London mini cooper model (available in various colours, as an older model and as a modern model)

Light-up London Crystal Models

For some light-up ornamental elegance, the crystal Big Ben model is a magnificent sight to behold. It is available in three styles: crystal, silver and gold plus there are two various sizes: 17 cm and 22 cm. The model lights up when switched on providing an extraordinary sight wherever it is displayed. As if these features weren’t enough, the crystal light-up Big Ben even has a built-in working clock!

London Models with Resin Snow Globes

Create the ultimate winter wonderland experience with a London snowstorm model. The London snowstorm globe has a wonderful hand-painted model in the centre which, once shook, is engulfed in “snow” giving a beautiful appearance depicting London in the winter. The base of the snowstorm, which is made from resin, has a hand-painted design for extra splendour.

London Model Keychains

A model of a London Bus or even a policeman, or a royal guard with dangly legs, such as the London stringfella keychain is just simply adorable. It’s a perfect gift idea for children and can also be purchased in bulk for a superb party idea.

Tin London Model Tea Caddies and Money Boxes

A more “delicious” sort of model, a London tea caddy can be used as an ornament but also contains teabags, an ideal gift for tea lovers. There is a variety of London tea caddies some depicting images from the capital and some in the shape of an iconic feature, for example, a red London bus, telephone box and even Big Ben. Most London tea caddies have a slot to keep your coins in making it a moneybox as well, just not when the teabags are in there of course!

London Model Magnets

If you don’t have a place to display a regular model or you simply just love magnets, check out the range of awesome London model magnets, who needs a mantelpiece?

Die-cast model magnets, such as the red telephone box magnet, don’t take up lots of space but still makes a spectacular ornament, great for collectors. For a touch of royalty to your fridge, the Buckingham Palace model magnet, made from resin, is a detailed depiction of the Queen's official residence; if you look closely you will see the ultra-tiny royal guards.

Choosing a London souvenir model shouldn’t be such a difficult task after reading this post. Models are actually some of the best gift ideas and collector's items, also people often like to give all different sorts of models and miniatures as gifts.