Ceramic British Souvenirs

In England, everything stops for tea and there’s no better place to get some teatime British souvenirs. Although very delicate, British ceramic souvenirs are beautifully crafted and hand-painted with intricate designs making them a wonderful gift idea. Whether it’s for decorative purposes or to enjoy your morning cuppa from, check out the fabulous range of British ceramic souvenirs:

London Ceramic Souvenirs

With iconic designs such as a red bus or telephone box, London themed ceramic souvenirs are just the thing to get to remember a day out to the great capital. London ceramic souvenirs feature some great landmarks too and are ideal for lovers of London. Here are some various London ceramic souvenirs:

Ceramic London plates – If you’re not sure you actually want to eat off a beautifully hand-painted London ceramic plate, it can be stored on the mantelpiece and will make a fantastic ornament.

Ceramic London spinner decorations  – You’re probably wondering what a ceramic London spinner is for... these fun London souvenirs, as their name suggests, spin around making it a sort of interactive ornament. Spinner mugs are also available.

Ceramic London egg cups – “Soldiers with that please…” A ceramic London egg cup is the perfect thing to hold your boiled egg while you dunk those soldiers in, plus you can now see what a royal guard looks like with an egg on his head instead of his bearskin! Other variations include a policeman, Beefeater and even Queen Elizabeth II.

Ceramic London mugs – Whether its tea or coffee, enjoy your favourite brew in a London ceramic mug; there are photographic mugs, cartoon mugs and also painted ones, each representing the brilliance of London.

Ceramic London teapots – Thank goodness its tea time and even better, the tea can be served from a superb ceramic London teapot, yes, tea can be poured out of a red London bus!

Ceramic London cruet sets – Keep your salt a pepper safe with the royal guard cruet set but these study guys won’t need to change so often! Other styles include red buses and telephone boxes.

English Ceramic Souvenirs

Visiting another part of England and need a souvenir to take home? Don’t despair as the list continues…

Ceramic Oxford souvenirs – Home to the most famous university in the world, Oxford is a great theme for ceramic souvenirs and all the tea time essentials are available to choose from. Why not pour some tea from an Oxford souvenir teapot, philosophical discussion anyone?

Ceramic Cambridge souvenirs – The second most famous university, after Oxford, is Cambridge and it’s the top attraction in the town, make sure you get your hands on some awesome Cambridge souvenir plates and mugs.

Ceramic Union Jack souvenirs – There is nothing more iconic of the United Kingdom than the Union Jack flag which combines all the flags of the countries included in Great Britain minus the dragon from the Wales flag. The Union Jack flag looks absolutely splendid emblazoned on everything and what’s a better mug to sip some tea from than a Union Jack one?

Ceramic England flag souvenirs – The red cross on a white background, the St. Georges Cross, is the flag of England. Put the kettle on, and if you’re feeling patriotic or simply love England, get the English breakfast tea ready (which is also available as a souvenir in a tea caddy) to drink in your English mug.

Ceramic Souvenirs from Scotland

Ceramic Loch Ness Monster mugs – Thought to lurk in the waters of Loch Ness, this legendary monster will guard your tea instead, wonderfully iconic Scottish gift.

Ceramic Scotland plates – A ceramic plate heralding famous sights from Scotland, a great addition to any mantelpiece.

Ceramic Westie money bank – Keep those pennies safe in the most adorable way possible: a Westie money bank; it's here to guard your money. If you thought the westie money bank hit the top of the cute metre then you may be interested in the Westie cruet set, bringing some “woof” to your meals.

Ceramic Scottish piper cruet set – Shake your salt and pepper to the sound of the highlands, well not literally but we can assure you that every time you season your food you will remember the melodious tune that bagpipes make. A Nessie cruet set is also available for a more mythological twist.

Ceramic Souvenirs from Wales

Ceramic plates from Wales – Dragons galore and everything else Welsh, these souvenir ceramic plates represent the best scenes and sights from Wales.

Sheep in a ceramic mug – There are lots of sheep in Wales and there’s one is this mug too! Enjoy your tea in a sheep themed mug that comes with a super cute sheep soft toy too. A ram variation is also available (the ram has horns unlike the regular sheep).

Ceramic Souvenirs from Ireland

Ceramic Ireland plates – Everything great about Ireland on one plate, well not everything as there are lots of amazing things about the country, a fitting souvenir from Ireland.

Ceramic Leprechaun egg cup – This cute little fellow is handy for keeping your boiled egg in one place, plus you’ve got yourself a friend for breakfast time.

With the above list in mind, teatime should be a lot more fun with a range of fantastic ceramic souvenirs. When it comes to ceramic London souvenirs, mugs are one of the best options; they aren’t just for drinking tea in and can be used to give a message to someone or even as memorabilia. These items are really the best of British.