Amazing UK Gifts from Around Great Britain

Britain certainly has some great places to visit, and it's always a nice idea to pick up a little keepsake from your travels or to take some British souvenirs home for friends and family.

Whether you are stopping by Buckingham Palace in London, taking a trip up to the Scottish Highlands, paying a visit to the Emerald Isle or even doing a bit of sheep spotting in Wales, here are some of the best UK gifts you can buy during your stay in the United Kingdom.

Gifts from England

Often confused by the red, white and blue of the Union Jack (officially name the Union Flag), the official flag of England; the St. George’s Cross dates back to the medieval era where the flag was commonly used during the Crusades and throughout the History of England. England themed gifts are an all time favourite and there are so many lovely presents to choose from for any occasion.

An England baseball cap, an essential for the summer, will help keep the glare of the sun away whilst trying to enjoy the great outdoors, possibly while attending a great British football match and also looks absolutely fabulous too.

Purchasing a gift for a card game lover? Then the England souvenir set of playing cards is an excellent choice, don’t use any old deck of cards when this one cries out patriotic magnificence.

Gifts from London

There’s nowhere else like London, the glorious capital of England. We love London and you love London, so try not to miss out on marvellous London themed gifts as there is something for everyone.

London themed aprons; the ideal present of anyone that loves cooking or baking, now they can stop their clothes from getting dirty while looking stunning at the same time.

London also has many famous sights such as the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye and many more landmarks all of which can be bought on magnets, key rings and t-shirts; the range is vast and it really depends on the individual’s favourite sight (if you have been on the London Eye then why not wear the t-shirt!).

For a lover of the royal family, a crown key ring or Buckingham palace model will be much cherished. The royal guard are also a famous sight to behold in London; ranks upon ranks of crimson uniforms make a fantastic sight on a tea towel which will decorate any kitchen giving it a royal look.

Other iconic features of London which could make great gifts are telephone boxes, post boxes and red buses all which can be found in the form of magnets, key rings, tea towels and many more UK souvenirs.

Gifts from Oxford

Oxford, home to the probably the world’s most famous university, (and the closest thing to Hogwarts on earth) is a perfect theme for people who either love the place or as a typical English souvenir to bring back. Oxford is a lot calmer than London so a themed cushion makes a perfect gift so sit back, relax and contemplate philosophy.

Gifts from Cambridge

Another charming city, (with another great university) Cambridge themed gifts make pretty nice souvenirs from England. The Cambridge university backpack will not only aid in carrying whatever items are needed but also adds an air of sophistication, great for university or college students.

Gifts from Brighton

One of the best places to enjoy the beach in England is the dazzling coastal city of Brighton, home to many festivals and fun events.

Gifts from Windsor

Home to Windsor Castle (built in 1070 by William the Conqueror) and one of the official residences of the Royal family, Windsor has some great historical sites. Windsor souvenirs are truly some royal gifts to be had. Models and magnets adorned with the Windsor Castle make excellent ornaments and are perfect for a history lover who appreciates the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

There are many other great places to visit in England too, from where you will also find lovely gifts featuring their own famous icons and landmarks. Some of the other places you should definitely visit in England are Blackpool, Canterbury, Devon and Cornwall, the Isle of Wight, the Lake District, Somerset, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York and not forgetting the second largest city in the UK; Birmingham.

Gifts from Scotland

In the north of the UK, Scotland possesses some of the most beautiful and historical sites in which lords and ladies once resided in. A Scottish highland terrier plush, or even a highland cow, makes such a cute and cuddly gift that any child will surely enjoy.

Bagpipes are a Scottish favourite so why not get a Scottish souvenir piper stringfella key ring, it looks cool and makes a set of keys look that extra bit special. A plate depicting Edinburgh Castle makes a splendid decoration piece, what an impressive way to honour the most besieged place in history.

Gifts from Ireland

Across the Irish Sea, the island of Ireland (supposedly home to leprechauns) is wonderful place with many natural landscapes like towering cliffs and rolling plains. A shamrock key ring makes a perfect gift as it is known as the iconic symbol of Ireland or a plate depicting the remarkable town of Killarney to appreciate the history and glory of Ross Castle which is situated there.

Gifts from Wales

Famous for the symbol of the red dragon which has been used by nobles throughout history, it is this very dragon that makes Wales themed gifts all the more exciting and majestic. The red dragon key ring is a miniature version of the terrifying beast that haunts many Welsh legends; it won’t be so scary on a set of keys but is still an awesome present.

Wales is famous for the many sheep that are bred there and you can’t get cuter gift than a lamb plush, a superb idea for a child.

To treasure those unforgettable moments, the Wales photo frame looks terrific and is perfect for holding pictures to display as it is an ornament in its own right.