Great Union Jack Gift Ideas from London

The bold colours of the Union Flag go really well on anything and the flag itself portrays a rich history, from its origins as the flag of Great Britain in 1606 to the modern Union Jack representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (even though the Flag of Wales hasn’t been incorporated in to the Union Jack, as when the Kingdoms of England and Scotland united in 1706, Wales was a principality under English administration and not a Kingdom in its own right).

Why Do People Buy Union Jack Gifts?

There are many interesting Union Jack souvenirs available but why are they loved so much?

Not only are they extremely stylish, a gift with a Union Jack on it such as a t-shirt actually gives the individual a sense of pride to be British (or the pride that they have visited this magnificent country even if they aren’t the slightest bit British!).

Some people may simply want a memory from when they visited the historical city of London, and there are plenty UK souvenirs and gifts available such as replica models or key rings that will do the job perfectly.

There are a wide range of lavish gifts to choose from picking and picking one shouldn’t be a challenge as there is something for everybody, from t-shirts and baseball caps to tea caddies and mugs.

So without further ado, the best Union Jack gifts from London are...

Gifts for Her: Union Jack Handbags

The Union Jack printed on clothing is not only patriotic but the daring colours can make any outfit very stylish. If buying a gift for a lady, why not invest in a stylish handbag adorned with the UK flag or a beautiful sequin dress, the bright crimson cross will make it excellent for party wear. There are also plenty of cool patriotic t-shirts, a great t-shirt is always a wonderful gift idea and it will remind the recipient of who gifted it to them whenever they have it on.

Union Jack bags make any shopping experience that extra bit special, so instead of using an ordinary bag, let the patriotic spirit flow free (Union Jack totes and shopping bags aren’t necessarily for women and can make a wonderful gift for a man too).

Union Jack jewellery is really astounding with the gorgeous colours and attractive designs, and will compliment any bag or dress; whether it is a necklace or a bracelet, jewellery is the way to go when buying a British gift for her that she will really appreciate.

Union Jack Cosmetic Accessories

Without it being realised, cosmetic items like nail clippers and even wash bags to keep other cosmetics in always come to good use, but why keep plain, generic ones? Union Jack themed cosmetic products add character to simple items and also make an excellent choice of gift for any occasion, whether it is for Christmas or a birthday.

You can see the glorious Union Jack flag emblazoned on anything nowadays from nail files to tweezers and even lip tattoos!

Union Jack Gifts for Men

Whether it’s for a father or a husband, there are plenty of Union Jack themed gift ideas for that special man in your life who will really appreciate the gesture. A personalised coffee mug with the UK flag on it can be quite a practical gift as everyone enjoys a cuppa and will definitely come to good use.

A bulldog against a Union Jack backing on a t-shirt can be quite a bold gift for a bloke, the bulldog being symbolic of unrelenting courage and will compliment masculinity perfectly.

If that's not what you had in mind then why not try something like Union Jack souvenir car dice, pyjamas and matching socks, a pocket knife, a collectable shot glass or even a fidget spinner!

Union Jack Gifts for Children

When it comes to children, there are some many awesome Union Jack themed gifts to choose from. A themed school bag is a great stylish gift for a child to store all their books and stationery in while keeping up a patriotic spirit at the same time, or why not get them a water bottle with the flag and their name on, it won’t get lost so easily that way and they can keep hydrated in true British style.

School kits are an essential item for any child, instead of having to worry about purchasing individual items of stationery, the school kit has everything a child needs for their new year at school and the best feature is that it’s all Union Jack themed!

Never go to bed lonely with a cute and cuddly Union Jack teddy bear, it’s furry, fun and will be any child’s best friend making it the ideal gift for those special little people. Union Jack rubber duckies, toy cars and rag dolls are popular gifts for kids too.

Union Jack Fashion Accessories

Union Jack sequin purses, dresses, diamante clutch bags and watches, shamballa bracelets and princess pens are all popular with ladies who love to leave a bit of sparkle wherever they go.

Other Union Jack gifts

If you are planning an English tea party, why not put up some fabulous Union Jack bunting for a patriotic feel, it doesn’t have to be the Queen’s Jubilee to use it (just out of interest, did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is the only British monarch to have a Sapphire Jubilee at an astonishing reign of 65 years in 2017? Well now you do!).

A set of British souvenir playing cards has many games that people of all ages can enjoy and there are so many themed cards to choose from. The Union Jack theme adds beauty to a classic set of cards and makes an awesome gift, whether to be kept in a cherished card collection or to bring hours of endless entertainment.

British weather can dampen spirits at times so what’s a better gift to get someone than a Union Jack umbrella to protect them against getting soaked and keep them looking fabulous at the same time. On the contrary, the British summer can get quite hot so invest in a Union Jack baseball cap to keep the sun of your head, it makes great gift and is ultra stylish, baseball caps can be trendily paired with most outfits.

Keyrings may seem to be simple things, but keys are used every day and having a fancy key chain can be quite fashionable making it a perfect gift idea too. Union Jack bottle openers are super handy, and may be needed at any time so stay prepared and pop that bottle in style.

In England everything stops for tea, and a Union Jack tea caddy (with a fine blend of English tea included of course) makes the ultimate British gift for tea lovers, the decorative tin can then be used to store things in (more tea possibly) after all those delicious cuppas have been drunk.

Are you planning to visiting Central London to watch the Changing of the Guard? Don’t forget to take a Union Jack flag to show your enthusiasm at such a wonderful event (did you know that the Changing of the Guard first took place in 1689 at the Palace of Whitehall?).