The Best Bags to Buy from London

If you want to make a tasteful fashion statement with a classy Union Jack handbag or you are looking for something stylish yet durable enough to carry the shopping in, we bring you the best bags that can be bought from London. They also make great London souvenirs too!

Why Carry a Bag?

It is always a good idea to carry a bag, and hey, with so many stylish and trendy bags available, these days it’s hard not to go out with one! There is only so much you can fit in your pockets and eventually, trying to carry all the necessities, such as your phone, purse or maybe even a few tissues for when you need to blow your nose, can get quite uncomfortable attempting to cram them all into the pockets your jeans.


Not having enough bags when grocery shopping can also be a pain, especially now the supermarkets don't offer free bags anymore, with the end result being you hobbling home trying to balance a load of groceries; not cool! So take precautions, have a look at some great bags that are on offer and we can guarantee that the next bag dilemma you will have won’t be “should I take a bag?”, but instead will be “which bag should I take?”!

Why London Souvenir Bags are Simply the Best

What a better way to show your love for the city of London than a bag depicting iconic landmarks and sights? Souvenir bags such as backpacks, handbags and totes from one of the chicest cities in the world are a gift that anyone would want to receive and with a whole assortment of snazzy London bags to choose from, carrying things was never so much fun!

Various Styles of London Bags

There are lots of different styles of London souvenir bags to suit each and every purpose of daily life, such as shopping, gifting, backpacking, travelling and not forgetting that certain handbag needed for a special night out.

London shopping bags – Do your bit for the environment and reduce the amount of plastic bags you use up. Not only being a handy lifesaver for grocery shopping, but reusable London souvenir shopping bags will also help you carry all your groceries in the true British style, whether it’s to the car or all the way home. This sort of bag can easily be folded compactly and takes up very little space allowing it to be carried within another bag, such as a handbag, with ease.

Foldable London souvenir bags are perfect for travelling with too as they won’t take up unnecessary space in your suitcase, allowing room for other items that you also want to take home. London shopping bags also double up as excellent gift bags that you can use to present your British souvenirs and gifts to your loved ones in.

London jute bags – More luxurious than your average shopping bag, the material used to make jute bags is a natural fibre that comes from the jute plant. This fibre gives the impression that the bag has been woven, giving it an attractive look and distinguishing it from other non-woven bags. Union Jack jute bags are elegant and make a great British souvenir and gift idea.

Jute bags are also eco-friendly as they are recyclable and bio-degradable, not that you will be throwing it away any time soon of course! Jute bags are suitable for many purposes as they are so robust, they can withstand carrying library books for instance, and their natural appearance makes them look great for use as beach bags too.

Union Jack backpacks – Whether it's for university or work, make sure you have all your daily essentials on hand with a trendy Union Jack backpack. It has plenty of space for books, your laptop, stationery and whatever else you need making it a must-have gift from the UK.

This sort of bag is also called a rucksack and they sit nicely on your back so you won’t even be able to feel all the things you are carrying in there! What's more, it's adorned with the iconic Union Jack flag design too, now that’s what we call patriotic!

Union Jack Handbags – When thinking of Union Jack bags, people often think of the sort of cheap and cheerful bags that you might use to carry the shopping in or use for taking a towel and a swimming costume to the local leisure centre in.

However there is a market for a more lavish sort of Union Jack handbag and they are not only being produced in normal high street shops either, in fact, luxury designer brands such as Louis Vuitton have also been creating limited edition Union Jack handbags too.

After all, a lady can never have too many handbags so why not add a glamorous Union Jack shoulder bag to your (or her) collection too!

Union Jack clutch bags – Clutch bags are at the height of fashion and are super stylish, especially when paired with an elegant evening dress. The compact size is a bonus and the clutch bag will keep your valuables safe, without impinging on your glamourous look.

London passport travel bag – When travelling, you really don’t want to ruin your experience by losing your passport or other important items, so prevent this calamity with the London passport travel bag which has a comfortable strap to go over your shoulder and a zip section to separate your belongings.

It is also an incredible fashion accessory and is just the right thing to have on you when visiting London. Carry all those vital items and stay hands-free at the same time, while leaving your bigger, cumbersome bag back at the hotel room.

Other kinds of London Souvenir Bags

There are some sorts of bags that aren’t exactly used as a handbag or backpack but make they excellent gifts that everyone would love to receive; here are some other kinds of London souvenir bags:

Plastic Union Jack bags – Not your average plazzy bag (pardon my Scouse), what sets this plastic carrier bag apart from others is the bold Union Jack emblazoned all over it, making it the perfect solution for use as a cost-effective gift bag.

Paper Union Jack bags – If you are looking for a cheap bag to gift someone their London souvenirs in, then look no further than the Union Jack paper bag, it is ideal for small items like key rings and jewellery and they can also be used at children’s parties, to fill with sweets, which looks very traditional indeed. They are also great value for money so you won’t have to worry if you need a stack full!

Bags with Mottos – Slogans like 'I Love London' and 'Keep Calm and Carry On' look superb on bags, you can almost make as bold of a statement with a bag as you can with a T-shirt. Be proud of what you love and display it on your bag!

Bag and tea towel sets – There are quite a few London souvenir bags that have matching tea towels to go with them, this makes a delightful present as it comes with a corresponding tea towel that can be cherished in the kitchen and a bag with the same fantastic design to use when out and about.

Union Jack strawberry bag – An all-time favourite Union Jack souvenir, these London strawberry bags, adorned with the UK flag, conveniently fold into a strawberry shape making it not only handy for carrying things but a superb novelty gift. It is an ideal present for people of all ages, and the cute strawberry shape will really make it a fun one for children.

London purses – Definitely not a bag but practical and stylish nonetheless, London souvenir purses are great for keeping your cards and any loose change safe. Pair it with a matching bag for an awesome duo.

Organza bags – Not exactly a London themed bag but organza bags are worth a mention as they are superb for storing and gifting London jewellery and other trinkets in. They come in a whole variety of colours and sizes and can be used as wedding favours due to their elegant fabric.

There you have it, there are all kinds of London souvenir bags that can be used for carrying things in, gifting souvenirs in, or even just for storing belongings without taking them anywhere!

We don’t realise how much we actually rely on bags and having a decent one is a must, so we hope this list has helped you to pick that bag. Whether it’s for personal use or as a British gift for someone else, you are sure to find a bag, if not a few, that appeals to you in this post.