Why Do We Love Union Jack Clothing?

Since the 1960s the Union Jack flag (officially known as the Union flag; which is the national flag of the United Kingdom), has been found on many fashionable items of clothing and with the rise of Brit-pop and the occurrence of many British sports events and Royal ceremonies over the years, the trend of Union Jack clothing has most certainly made a comeback.

How has the Union Jack Become a Fashion Symbol?

The distinctive colours of the Union Jack make a bold statement. What was once an explicit symbol of British patriotism has now become a well-loved fashion icon. Long gone are the days when sporting a Union Jack meant you were either the Queen herself, working in the military or an undesirable member of the BNP.

From the punk rock fashion era right through to the likes of bands such as Blur, Oasis and Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls in the 1990s, the Union Jack has lost its nationalistic stigma and become a popular fashion icon that everyone can enjoy, either to show their love for the UK, to celebrate their British heritage or simply because it’s an awesome looking design to have on your clothes.

The Union Jack has become prevalent in such a positive way now that clothing brands from Primark to Chanel have been producing apparel and accessories that are adorned with the UK flag. In fact, Union Jack fashion has become a big thing around the world especially in countries such as Japan and Cuba. This symbol of British identity is so widespread it is now uniting people around the world through popular culture and fashion.

How to Wear Union Jack Clothing in Style

It's been over twenty years since the Cool Britannia days when the Union Jack popped up in what are now some of history's most fashionable moments, but to this day the Union Jack fashion trend is still going strong.

What's more, when people think of Union Jack merchandise, normally UK souvenir shops crammed with flags and British memorabilia spring to mind, rather than chic apparel. But it's surprising how much Union Jack clothing there really is on offer, and what is even more surprising is how it can be worn effectively to achieve an amazing look.

From Union Jack baby clothes and baseball caps to footwear that boasts the classic colours of the Union Flag, we bring you some inspiration on how you can sport some British flair from head to toe in style.

Union Jack Clothing for Children

A superb range of Union Jack children’s clothing is available with everything from baby’s clothes to t-shirts and caps for older children.

Union jack baby grows are a favourite and give a baby a wonderfully cute mini fashionista look; they also make awesome gifts for somebody that has just had a baby.

If buying a gift for an older child, a junior size Union Jack t-shirt is a good choice as there are many cool variations to choose from such as Union Jack skulls, bulldogs and vintage prints of the Union Flag design itself.

Union Jack Clothes for Women

When it comes to Union Jack clothing and jewellery for women, there are plenty of glamorous outfit choices and it’s all about mixing and matching to achieve the right combinations. Union Jack sequin dresses are ultra-glam and are a very popular item of clothing to be worn at parties. Team up a London T-shirt with a pair of Union Jack leggings or get hold of some Union Jack swimwear for when you want to take a dip in the pool. Union Jack thongs are also a popular lingerie item amongst the ladies.

On the other hand, you could go all out Ginger Spice and wear a dazzling Union Jack dress. You would be sure to turn heads at your next party by wearing one.

Union Jack Apparel for Men

There is a large range of fantastic Union Jack menswear available with something to suit men of all ages, making it a wonderful gift idea too.

T-shirts are a great way to make a sartorial statement and the bold colours of the Union Jack flag simply boast British pride, perfect for those hot summer days when comfort is the priority, without compromising on style. Union Jack T-shirts are one of the best British souvenir ideas too and anyone would be sure to appreciate a trendy tee as a gift from London.

If you’ve already got the t-shirt then you could pair it off nicely with a Union Jack baseball cap, sun hat or even a cool bandana for the ultimate look. A plus point to be noted is that the cap would help to keep the sun out of your eyes. If the weather is really warm and you don’t want to bother with sleeves at all, a sleeveless alternative is a Union Jack vest, which will look really modish and fit in well with your summer loving look. You could also match it with some Union Jack shorts for a casual summer outfit.

If you are looking for something a tad smarter than a classic London T-shirt, then a Union Jack polo shirt is a suave alternative.

When the weather gets nippy, put on a Union Jack hoodie, a.k.a hooded sweatshirt, which will keep you warm and comfy while looking stylish and fashionable at the same time. Don’t forget a Union Jack ski hat or beanie to keep your head and ears nice and warm while outdoors, as you would still want to make the most of your tour of London or beyond, without the British weather becoming a hindrance.

Socks aren’t just to be worn with shoes and a nice pair of Union Jack socks will prevent your feet from getting a chill from the cold floor during the winter, and they are also super comfy so can be worn in bed as well. If you really want to keep your feet warm and cosy in the colder weather, then be sure to invest in a pair of Union Jack slippers.

When it comes to choosing underwear, why have a plain old pair of boxer shorts when you can be the proud owner of an elaborate pair of Union Jack boxers?!

You can actually buy Union Jack clothing for every occasion. If you are going to attend a fancy dress party, then a Union Jack waistcoat and tie with a matching leather belt would give you an amusing and fun appearance.

If you would like to choose some Union Jack gifts and souvenirs for your family, a pair of Union Jack pyjamas would make a cool gift for your dad, brother, husband, or any other special man in your life.

Union Jack Jewellery and Accessories

Compliment your ensemble with some coordinating Union Jack jewellery, or wear some with plainclothes for a more subtle look. There is always a need to tell the time and a stylish Union Jack watch is a perfect choice, either to be given as a gift or for personal use, so you will always make sure that you are punctual and on time for work in the true British style.

There are various kinds of Union Jack themed jewellery and superb fashion accessories that will compliment any Union Jack outfit or your normal attire for that matter. Union Jack earrings, bracelets and necklaces are all available in many different styles so pick one that goes really well with your outfit for that extra bit of Brit glamour.

Union Jack Shoes

Union Jack high heels are a striking fashion choice. The history of the Union Jack flag instils a retro feel to any item that is embellished with it, so any kind of Union Jack footwear has a classy look. From funky platforms to summery flip-flops, you can get Union Jack shoes in many shapes and sizes.

Of course, every sassy and sophisticated lady knows the importance of matching her bag with her shoes and there is an extraordinary array of Union Jack handbags on offer.