The Best British Gifts and Souvenirs from London

If you are travelling to or from London, chances are you'll be looking for some Union Jack gifts and English souvenirs to take back for your loved ones. There is a large variety of London souvenirs available in all different styles and colours so choosing the right present for somebody that will appreciate it can be quite a challenge.

Shopping is a key part of the whole London experience and to give you some inspiration, we have put together some of what we believe to be the best gifts which represent the UK and all things British to help you with finding the perfect one.

Porcelain London Souvenirs

When it comes to British gifts, there is nothing more authentic than a delicate porcelain mug (made in England, of course!) that you can use to sit back and enjoy a fine blend of English tea in or an elegantly hand-painted trinket box that you can cherish and keep your favourite bits of jewellery in.

When it comes to collector's items, decorative plates and miniature teapots are certainly the way to go. Not forgetting thimbles depicting images of famous landmarks, as well as pillboxes commemorating Buckingham Palace that your granny would kill for.

Souvenirs from England made from porcelain, in general, have an antique look and make perfect ornaments, ideal for placing in a glass cabinet as decoration pieces.

Crystal Gifts from England

Paperweights and light up crystal ornaments that are laser engraved with intricate designs of London landmarks make spectacular gift ideas for adorning your house with and a displayed collection of crystal ornaments will make any mantelpiece that extra bit special.

There are many different varieties of paperweights, some are small enough to be attached to a key-chain and there are other larger pieces which light up, with the colour changing every few seconds, they look very dazzling in a dimly lit room. Paperweights are one of the top London gifts as they are classy and a real beauty to look at.

Wooden London Souvenirs

Wooden gifts may seem simple, but are gorgeous and bring a look of nostalgia when they are in the form of photo frames and clocks. London themed wooden souvenirs make an excellent choice as a gift idea, especially if you are planning to avoid the plastic variations that are on offer.

If you are looking for something stylish to go with a beach outfit when trying to catch some sun, then a Union Jack wooden bracelet looks so boho and very fashionable allowing you to sunbathe in style.

An ideal gift to treasure those perfect moments is a hand-painted wooden picture frame in the shape of something iconic of London, such as a telephone box or pillar box. Not only do these look superb on a wall or shelf, but they also ensure that those special memories are close by and in sight so that they can be appreciated at any time without having to pull the photo album out.

A fridge is not only a place to keep food and drink chilled but can also be a canvas in which a person can express themselves (the fridge door that is). There are plenty of awesome magnets and a 3D layered fridge magnet, designed with sights from London, makes a wonderful English gift either for a magnet collector or simply as a decoration piece.

Metal Gifts from the UK

Metal London souvenirs are sturdy and but look quite classy, making them a perfect gift choice for anyone who loves London. Collectable metal London themed plates depicting the fabulous skyline make pretty ornaments that will gleam on any shelf or mantelpiece.

A pull-back London bus or British taxi model is an ideal British gift for people of all ages, adults may want to display a splendid miniature replica of such an iconic vehicle from the capital or children can pull them back and watch as they zoom across their bedroom or living room floor, as they’re quite a bit of fun to play with too.

Big Ben towers in all it's brilliance over the London skyline and looks absolutely fantastic, a Big Ben metal replica model can do the same in your living room or kitchen making an immaculate ornament. The model is painted to match the original colour of Big Ben but there are gold ones too for extra lustre. A great way to keep a little piece of London in your home.

Metal London souvenir bells resemble antique dinner bells that give an authentic “ring-ring” sound when you jingle them when it’s time for dinner, they also make a neat gift from the UK to be displayed as an ornament anywhere. Metallic ashtrays make nice British themed table decorations too.

Other British Gifts

London themed soft toys make cuddly gifts which are ideal for children, and there is a large variety too from Royal guard teddy bears to cute big-eyed Animotsu. When picking a present for a child, London themed soft toys are the way to go.

If you are buying a gift for a student or somebody that enjoys writing, then have a look at stationery souvenirs from London with everything from pens and notebooks to school kits with a whole pack of writing essentials included, all adorned with London themed imagery of course.

Bring a new dimension of style to shopping with a bag decorated with the city-scape of London, or keep your coins in one place with a London purse, shopping has never been so fun than when you are equipped with cool London accessories.

Thinking of throwing a party? Then put up some Union Jack bunting for a patriotic and stylish look whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party.

If you love London then say it out loud (or wear it) with a London themed t-shirt which is fashionable and stylish, why not pair it with London baseball cap to keep the sun off your head and look super modern at the same time.

London themed jewellery makes a perfect gift for a lady as it is really chic and pretty and can be paired with any outfit, you can thank us for the fashion tip later!

With this list of some of the best London souvenirs and gift ideas, we hope you can pick the right presents and a treat for yourself to help you remember your glorious trip to London. There are many UK souvenirs to choose from but this is a simple breakdown of some of the best. Tell us about your favourite souvenirs as there are sure to be some other great London gifts and novelties that haven’t been added here, as we endeavour to bring you the most popular and sought after souvenirs. Happy shopping!