London Souvenir Soft Toys

Soft toys, or plush toys, are loved by people of all ages and make fantastic gifts; they are so cute and cuddly, who wouldn’t want one?

Although all soft toys are adorable, British souvenir soft toys are extra special as they represent iconic images from Britain; whether it’s a Beefeater from London or a Scottish piper bear from Scotland.  Some people enjoy collecting soft toys and it’s a very fun hobby, the term arctophile is used for someone who collects teddy bears.

Just as there are many sights to see in the great capital city of London, there is also a fabulous variety of London themed soft toys and teddies available too. So why not get hold of a London plush toy to commemorate your visit to London?!

The wide range of London soft toys makes it quite hard to choose when trying to get a gift for someone, or as a souvenir to remind you of home or your own exciting trip; so we have put together a list of various types of London souvenir soft toys on offer which we hope will give you some inspiration on what to buy:

London Souvenir Soft Toys and Teddy Bears

Policeman teddy bear – A teddy bear clad in a traditional bobby uniform, super cute and here to keep the streets of London safe.

Beefeater teddy bear – Protectors of the Crown Jewels; these handsome little fellows look fantastic in their full regalia.

Royal guard teddy bear – A teddy bear wearing the uniform of the Royal Guardsmen, their duty is to protect the royal residences of the Queen.

The above three bears are available in two sizes, measured as 15cm and 19cm when seated.

London Animotsu – These wonderful plush toys with big Union Jack googly eyes are available either as a lion or a dog, both wearing a shirt that is emblazoned with “London” and the Union Jack flag. 10cm and 15cm variations are available of this toy which are part of an even larger beanie babies style toy collection.

London rag doll – A little doll wearing a denim style dress with London and a Union Jack heart on it, the ideal gift for a child who enjoys playing with dolls or to add to a doll collection.

Union Jack heart teddy bear – Show that you love London without saying a word, the Union Jack heart teddy bear is a fun remake of the traditional teddy bear holding a heart, but this one is even better with the Union Jack. 

British bulldog with Union Jack coat – The British bulldog is a symbol of unrelenting courage and was an iconic feature on World War I posters, this brave dog sports a Union Jack coat and also has a leash making it a fun toy for children (Did you know that the Old English Bulldog, the one that originally became famous, is now extinct?).

Corgi in the Queen’s outfit – Corgi dogs have long been associated with royalty since Queen Elizabeth began to breed them when she came to the throne; she has owned at least 30 corgis, among other dogs since 1952. This comical soft toy is a corgi wearing a crown and royal mantle, its royalty at its cutest!

Pink London shirt teddy bear – An adorable teddy bear wearing a pink London shirt, it makes a perfect gift for little girls and the alternative pink Union Jack design is rather funky!

Union Jack hoodie teddy bear – Not your regular teddy, this stylish chap sports a hoodie with London written on it. Small, medium and large variations are available.

Dog with London top hat – A smart little dog wearing a Union Jack top hat and blue bow tie.

London monkey – Go bananas with this fantastic monkey wearing a Union Jack T-shirt, the hands feature Velcro patches so they can stick together or the monkey can be hung up on something or even around your neck!

I love London teddy bear – The perfect gift for any London lover, the statement on this teddy is simple but meaningful, we love London!

London teddy bear key chains – Do you love your teddy bear so much you want to take it everywhere you go? The London teddy bear key chain is small enough to make a great addition to your keys or the zipper on your bag.

Soft Toys from the UK

If you’re looking for an excellent souvenir soft toy that’s not from London, don’t despair; there are souvenir teddy bears that hail from all regions in the UK.

Westie dog soft toy – The West Highland white terrier is one of Scotland’s national breeds, not to mention that it looks simply delightful.

Scottish piper soft toy – A charming teddy in the outfit of a traditional Scottish piper, with tartan kilt, bagpipes, and the flag of Scotland emblazoned on its foot.

Highland cow soft toy – The Scottish Highland cow (or Heilan Coo) is fabulously furry and delightful.

Lamb soft toy – Probably the cutest soft toy on this list, you can’t say no to a little Welsh lamb.

Welsh dragon soft toy – Funnily enough, the red dragon is the national animal of Wales. If you are getting a gift for someone who likes dragons or they love Wales, this soft toy caters to both of them.

Teddy bears wearing T-shirts or hoodies with names from other regions in England, like Oxford or Cambridge, are also available and are handy for buying a gift for someone from another area.

Sizes and styles of soft toys vary and over time the style can change; this is good news for arctophiles as there is no shortage of teddies to collect. Some of the British soft toys mentioned in this list, like the corgi and highland cow, can be purchased as a baby version giving an extra cute factor.

If you want a certain design but can’t find it, why not get a personalised teddy bear, not only are the possibilities endless, you could also combine the London theme with a personalised message making it a gift that will be much more appreciated, as personalised gifts are always well received by people of all ages.

Getting a gift for someone isn’t as difficult as many people think, especially with the extensive range of British souvenir soft toys available to buy online.