Crystal London Gifts: What they are and why we Love Them

If you are looking for affordable gifts from London, but want something that is ornamental and made from high-quality materials, then laser art engraved crystals are a brilliant idea.

What are Laser Art Crystals?

Laser art crystal blocks, which go by many names such as glass or crystal paperweights, laser-etched crystals, bubblegrams and the more technical term, vitrography crystals; are elaborate looking souvenirs that are produced by exposing a block of glass to laser beams which create intricate 3D designs. The designs created are made up of what resemble tiny bubbles and appear to be stuck inside the glass, giving the impression that the image is floating.

Due to the contemporary nature of the way the crystals or bubblegrams should we say, are made, these kinds of gifts haven’t been around for a very long time, so they aren’t a conventional style of souvenir and have an ultra-modern appearance. Due to the use of up to date technology to depict historical buildings and sights; laser art crystal ornaments and paperweights are the current trend in London souvenirs and would make meaningful gifts for your family and friends.

Unlike short-lived, fad gift ideas, laser art crystals from London are bound to become one of the most classic, timeless gift items of all time.

Why We Love Crystal Souvenirs from London

There are many kinds of crystal souvenirs which make lovely ornaments and people use them to commemorate all sorts of special occasions and milestones; you can even get them personalised with images of your loved one's laser engraved into them.

London crystal souvenirs, however, reflect the beauty and magnificence of such an admired city. Depictions such as the glorious London skyline and famous landmarks make them popular crystal gifts and souvenir ideas from England and the UK.

If you have had the opportunity to visit London yourself then why not keep the memorable moment alive with a splendid paperweight or crystal clock to adorn your mantelpiece? If you have never been to London at all and love the city from afar, a laser art crystal would still be a nice piece to add to a collection of ornaments.

Different Types of Crystal London Souvenirs:

There are several designs of London souvenir crystals to choose from, from clocks to paperweights and even some that light up.

London Skyline Crystal – A delicately designed paperweight depicting the legendary skyline of London, it is an ideal decoration piece for your home, office space or to give as a gift. It can be placed on top of a light stand to illuminate the skyline and embody the brilliance of London by night.

London Crystal with Glass Base – A fabulous gift idea for a lover of London, this crystal has a glass base making it ideal for display purposes and is available in three different sizes.

Light Up Crystal London Key Rings – Instead of leaving all the loveliness of your London gifts at home, take this delightful colour changing keepsake everywhere you go, the London crystal key ring is small, cute, and fits perfectly on a key chain.

The London collage key ring depicts the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge in a small vertical shaped crystal and the London skyline keyring has a horizontal, longer crystal to fit in a minute representation of the impressive skyline of the British capital.

London Crystal with Colour Changing Light Stand – The stand with built-in colour changing LEDs brings a new vibrant dimension to regular crystal souvenirs. Watch as the iconic London landmarks shine vividly, best viewed with the light off! Lights stands are available with vertical and horizontal crystal paperweights as well as the long London skyline crystals.

Light Up Crystal Big Ben Clock – Arguably the most famous attraction in London, Big Ben towers over the skyline of London and is definitely a marvellous sight to behold. Memorialise this distinguished landmark in your own home or office with a colour changing light up crystal Big Ben model that is actually fitted with a real clock! Available in etched crystal or as silver plated or gold plated variations; the crystal also comes in two different sizes: 17cm and 22cm tall.

Other Crystal Gifts and Souvenirs from the UK

There are other marvellous crystal gifts that hail from other parts of the United Kingdom too, here are some of them:

Crystal Souvenirs from Scotland

Scotland is famous for its Edinburgh crystal ware, which was manufactured between 1867 and 2006. Some of the stunning crystal gifts available from Scotland include:

Scotland crystal glasses - Either for ornamental use or to drink in, Scotland themed crystal glasses are a must-have for anyone who loves the highlands, they depicted stunning animals and plants native to Scotland.

Scotland crystal decanters - Serve your drinks the stylish way in a Scotland themed decanter adorned with the blue and white flag of Scotland or that has been engraved with Celtic knot designs.

Scotland crystal perfume bottles - An absolutely fantastic gift idea, a Scotland themed crystal perfume bottle is a gorgeous vessel to store perfume in.

Crystal jewellery featuring Scottish thistles is another traditional gift idea from Scotland.

Crystal Souvenirs from Wales

Welsh crystal bowls - Wales is also famous for it's beautifully crafted cut crystal giftware, so why not serve some cawl (which is a meat and vegetable broth – regarded as the national dish of Wales) in a lovely crystal bowl decorated with Celtic patterns?

Crystal Souvenirs from Ireland

Crystal jewellery featuring the famous Claddagh, Shamrock, Four Leaf Clover or the Celtic cross makes a beautiful gift and Irish souvenir for someone you love.

We hope to have given you some inspiration on crystal gifts from London and the UK; they really are some of the best looking souvenirs available, either for use as an ornament in your own home or as a classy gift for family members or friends. So make sure that your trip to London includes getting your hands on some crystal souvenirs!