Wholesale London Souvenirs

Small London souvenirs are cute and make perfect gifts but sometimes larger quantities are needed. Whether you are throwing a party, need something to hand out at a seminar or even a wedding, this list of wholesale London souvenirs has you covered.

Wholesale London Key Chains

Keyrings are small, handy and will always be carried on around on a set of keys; why not get a pack of personalised London red bus key chains? (Or another style like a telephone box or Big Ben, there are other famous sights from London that can be purchased as key chains) The iconic London red bus emblazoned with a company logo is a superb idea for giving out at a business conference; it’s trendy and helps advertise the company well using an existing well-known symbol, the red bus, complimented by the name of the company.

A pack of London Stringfella key chains would be a fun gift idea for a children’s party; the Stringfella key chains are lovable little people and are sure to be appreciated by the kids. Variations of Stringfella key chains include royal guards and policemen, both being loved symbols from London.

Wholesale London Stationery

There is no shortage of uses for pens and pencils; a pack of London souvenir pens can be given out at parties, conferences and lots of other events. Pens always come into good use making it a gift that will be well appreciated. If it’s for a conference or a themed event like a birthday, the pens can be personalised with the name of the event or company as a reminder every time the pen is used; the same can be done with pencils.

London souvenir pens and pencils come in a wide range of design from standard Union Jack flag all over to pens with a dangling charm for an extra bit of excitement, there is a good selection to choose from and all can be purchased wholesale.

If it’s for a children’s party or an event at a school, a pack of London school kits are a fantastic idea; the kit contains all stationery essential the kids will require in the classroom plus a useful and, not to mention stylish, pencil case to store them all in.

Union Jack notebook and pen sets are excellent ideas for an event, especially conferences where they can be used to take notes.

Wholesale Union Jack Flags and Bunting

There can’t be a London or UK themed party without Union Jack flags as they make an incredible patriotic statement at any event. Variations of the flag include smaller hand-held ones to wave about and larger ones to be hung up on a wall, both of them allow the Union Jack to be flown in its full splendour.

Just the right thing to be used at a UK themed party, Union Jack bunting is an all-time party favourite and when hung over the venue, whether it’s on the wall indoors or from a lamppost at a street party, helps add that celebratory feel to the event.

Wholesale Union Jack Bags

The best thing to give out a little something in at an event is a Union Jack bag. Large plastic bags are handy when giving out a generous amount of things, maybe a brochure at a conference, and have handles for easy carrying.

Smaller paper Union Jack bags work well with little items like key chains; they can also be used to give sweets in at a kid’s party as they are the same style of the bags given at a sweet shop, just with the Union Jack added of course.

Union Jack foldable strawberry bags (called “strawberry” because they fold into one!) are novelty products that are gifts in their own right and can be given out at a party. Children will especially love the fun nature of these bags as they fold into a Union Jack strawberry shape.

Wholesale Organza Bags

Organza bags are subtle but elegant and can be used perfectly to present wedding favours. These small and compact bags, fitted with a drawstring, are available in all sorts of colours and are very cost-effective making them an ideal wholesale item.

Wholesale Union Jack Wrist Bands

Perfect for events at schools, Silicone Union Jack wristbands are ideal for handing out to an entire class; they are inexpensive and look stylish.

Wholesale London baseball caps

Taking the class out for a day in the capital city? Make sure you get your hands on some London baseball caps; they will help keep the sun out of the student’s eyes so they can admire the views in the magnificent city without disturbance. The London baseball caps are really stylish too and are available in wholesale, the perfect gift for a class.

Wholesale London Jewellery

Throwing a girl’s only party? London souvenir jewellery is extremely pretty and every lady is sure to love the intricate designs that will complement any stylish outfit. For a classy party gift, give the jewellery, such as a London charm bracelet, in an organza bag, it is sure to go down a treat.

Wholesale London Badges

London badges are small and therefore make ideal wholesale items but their size doesn’t mean that they lack in anything, they are very trendy items and can be worn with anything. Perfect for a children’s party or a school event, London badge designs include: the classic Union Jack, crown, bus, policeman, royal guards, London collage badges and the famous “Keep calm and carry on badge” which will appeal to adults as well as kids.

There you have it, a concise list of London souvenirs that can be bought wholesale to be used at events and parties.

The great thing about bulk buying London souvenirs is that you get a whole load for an excellent price making event planning so much more economical and easier.

Our final tip for wholesale souvenirs to be used in a party is to make a goody bag; sometimes a bag filled with various charming little trinkets can be better than just one big present, happy shopping!


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