Best of England: Top 10 Underrated Places to Travel

Undoubtedly, visiting England is a glorious experience, and you must already have the most popular tourist attractions on your list. But we suggest digging deeper!

There are plenty of less-seen underappreciated sites in this beautiful country, so we recommend thinking outside the box and trying to visit at least several of them, all for a more authentic vibe!

So let us help you by checking out our list of the top best 10 underrated places to travel in England. 

Ross Back Sands, Northumberland

Settled in North East England and spreading at 5 km in length, from Buddle Bay to Lindisfarne, the beautiful yet deserted sand spit awaits. Not frequently visited, this place is however usually chosen by people to find calmness and serenity far away from the city buzz.

With not many activities to try here, the most popular attraction is the impeccable views. With Lindisfarne Castle at one end, Bamburgh Castle, and the Farne Islands at another, Ross Back Sands is your number one choice to see something naturally lovely yet not overcrowded! 

Kielder, Northumberland

This secluded village in the western part of Northumberland is charming yet relatively small. However, that just means that you will not be crowded by mingling tourists while admiring the untouched grounds and fantastic natural scenery that embellishes this part of Northumberland!

The best way to fully appreciate Kielder is by spending time at the Kielder Water and Forest Park, where you will get a chance to do basically everything regarding an outside holiday! There are routes for hiking and cycling, an expansive selection of wildlife to observe, and camping sites or beautiful lodges for a night’s stay near the lake. Speaking of, due to clear skies and clean air, Kielder is very famous for stargazing! 

Keep in mind that England is highly flexible when it comes to comfortable navigation. So if you are travelling through the bigger cities, check out, for example, the train from Liverpool to London.

Hunstanton, Norfolk

The Victorian seaside town was initially a purposely-built resort and now has become a nice place to retreat and enjoy the best of Norfolk’s superb coastline. 

Interestingly, this is the only west-facing resort on the East Coast, and it is perfect for solo trips, romantic getaways, and family vacations! There are many fun activities here, though they are quite relaxing.

However, the most popular thing that draws people in is the banded cliffs of Old Hunstanton - layers of rusty ginger sandstone and red limestone topped with chalk; they seem to attract travellers the most! 

Yoesden Nature Reserve, High Wycombe

A must-see for nature lovers out there! The area of Yoesden Nature Reserve has been left almost entirely untouched since medieval times, now nurturing tourists with unique flora and fauna.

You will see plenty of less-known types of greenery and insects. For example, in late June, the whole region of the preserve is colored in a pink and purple sea of orchids, with a little bit of white added in between. You will also get to witness the flight of the most beautiful and endearing blue butterflies - you may even learn something about them!

Solar Heritage Boat Tours, West Sussex

A great way to explore a side of England in a quiet, comfortable, and eco-friendly way is by cruising on Solar Heritage Boats in West Sussex. Incredibly unique, too! And really, it is precisely as it sounds.

Powered by nothing else but the sun, the boat rides come with professional guides that offer knowledge about the region and environment as well! Not only eco-smart and quiet but also slow-paced, these boats take you around West Sussex, giving it a completely different view.

However, this one is more about the experience and less about the surroundings. Since the Solar Heritage Boat Tours are not yet very popular (unfortunately!) we suggest you jump at this chance of trying it out! 

On the other hand, once you are off the water, we suggest using the comfort of Britain rails, so check out London to Manchester train tickets

Southsea, Hampshire

A seaside resort in the area of Portsmouth, England, Southsea is a lovely communal region to visit for a calm weekend and less-urbanized and luxurious side of the UK. Full of great restaurants, beautiful parks and streets, coffee shops, and exciting museums, the town is everything you would expect a small English town to be, and yet way more!

You can also visit the Southsea Castle nearby. So just take a good walk, and have a great time! 

Coventry, Warwickshire

A name well-known by many, yet too overlooked by a lot. Coventry is the UK City of Culture, so, unsurprisingly, it is swarming in art and culture.

Visit the magnificent cathedral or take your time exploring more of the city and learning about its cultural side at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. There is even a centuries-old Roman Forum to satisfy your thirst for history! While having a broadside of cultural and historical background, Coventry is also a well-designed, industrial city, so keep your eyes open to take in the perfect mixture of old and modern!

Richmond Park, London

Far away from the craziness of Oxford Street, Richmond Park is one of the very few places in London where you will not be bothered by constant traffic and huge crowds. An excellent choice for animal lovers, the park was initially used by the Royal Family for deer stalking, so, naturally, they are the ones to open up the show.

You will also see other colorful wildlings here, including bats, owls, woodpeckers, ducks, and voles! 

St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Let’s step back to Cornwall, shall we? Settled off the coast of the town of Marazion, St. Michael’s Mount is a small tidal island, but do not let the word small confuse you. It is very impressive!

Like a gem on the horizon of Cornwall, the island is easily reachable, and in its center proudly stands a medieval church, setting the vibe on the whole area. If you know of Mont Sont-Michel in France, then you will recognize the similarities between the two islands! Both are unique are worth-visiting.

The National Trust manages St. Michael’s Mount, which is an indication enough! 

Wistman’s Wood, Devon

Do you remember that creepy scene in the Lord of The Rings franchise, where a herd of spiders ambushes Frodo? Forget the spiders, but keep in mind the surroundings! Somehow, Wistman’s Wood in Devon gives off the same vibes, though they are not at all as creepy!

Actually, the place is an ancient woodland, now protected as a natural reserve. With stunning, massive roots snaking on the ground, you will feel as close to a fairytale as you could ever be. There is no way you can miss out on an experience like this! 

So there you go! With a whole list of underrated yet equally delightful locations in England, you are one more step closer to a perfect holiday. Consider each place for a visit and just have a nice time!