Top 10 Florists in London

Roses are red, violets are blue, and let’s face it, all pretty flowers make a fabulous gift idea too!

Regardless of the occasion, a gift of flowers is something that works particularly well with couples, loved ones, and all friends and family in general.

As to be expected from the extraordinary city of London, which simply seems to be home to all things awesome, there are some great florists that sell top-notch bouquets and yes! Some of them deliver!

Here are some of the best florists in London who offer the freshest and most vibrant bouquets, so when it comes to giving someone a gift of flowers, you are never short of options to suit all your floral requirements.

1. Grace and Thorn

Starting with humble beginnings in a small studio on Kingsland Road, Grace and Thorn is the more trendy option for purchasing flowers. Established in 2011, this flower shop doesn’t just have a retail section but also offers wedding and funeral services making it suitable for many occasions, both happy and sad.

Each bouquet is designed uniquely using fashionable styles that aren’t really the same as traditional designs, making Grace and Thorn a fantastically unique option for florists. The flowers from here have actually been used in Whistles and Topman fashion shoots so you know that it’s pure quality bouquets that you are going to find here.

2. That Flower Shop

Shoreditch is the home of all things hip and it is of no surprise that 'That Flower Shop' started right here. Even though they have left their first studio, there are currently two branches of That Flower Shop, one on Hoxton Street and the other outside The Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street which offer quite a spectacular range of bouquets and ceramics.

The flowers here are named after romantic comedies and each and every plant pot comes with a pun, so you can light up someone’s day in more ways than expected.

3. Botanique Workshop

Specialising in not only delivering fresh flowers nationwide but also in craft workshops, the Botanique Workshop truly does live up to its name. Along with the humming of sewing machines and the cleverly crafted combinations of beautiful flowers and plants, their shops have a wonderful atmosphere.

With their workshops running in London, if you consider yourself to be a budding craftsman or woman, it’s well worth taking a look at how it’s all done.

4. Rebel Rebel

An award-winning London florist, Rebel Rebel is renowned for their flamboyant bouquets as well as their creativity and style. But that’s not all, they also run flower workshops both locally and internationally, along with courses at a Flower School in Beijing, China.

The Rebel Rebel shop can be found in Mare Street Market and they also offer the added convenience of being able to order their flowers online.


5. Scarlet and Violet

With flowers fresh from the market on a daily basis, every luxurious bouquet from Scarlet and Violet is bound to be unique and full of its own character.

Established in 2006, Scarlet and Violet have been blooming in the floristry industry ever since. They have a shop on Chamberlayne Road and also run a few small classes each year which range from one-to-one sessions or group workshops. Scarlet and Violet also cater for weddings and have been doing so for the past eleven years with unique designs that are sure to make the big day that extra bit special.

Scarlet and Violet have also published a range of books on floristry and are great for further reading if you are interested in this subject. The books range from arranging flowers to vintage wedding bouquets.

6. Orchidya

The opulent Orchidya online boutique opens the door to an astounding variety of lush orchids and flower arrangements. With inspiration taken from the appreciation of nature, and the love of flowers, Orchidya offers impressive displays of plants and flower arrangements on their retail premises in London, which opened in 2012, much to the popular demand of the public who loved their orchids at the Chelsea Flower Show.

7. McQueens Flower Shop

Since 1991, McQueens Flower Shop is a favourable choice of London florists for magnificent flowers among many famous fashion labels, the PR industry and five-star hotels. Starting off as a small shop in Clerkenwell, McQueens Flower Shop has earned quite a reputation as they offer high-quality flowers and they are passionate about what they do.

There is also a McQueen's flower school which teaches the intricate art of floristry and there is a range of comprehensive courses. McQueens also cater for events and are a great choice for beautifying any venue or wedding hall.

Florish Workshop

8. Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

One of the most celebrated British florists, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart is famous for its creative and lavish approach to floristry, offering both fantastic services in their shops as well as delivery of fresh, hand-tied bouquets across the country. This particular flower shop excels in summer weddings and they have great skill in arranging flowers into stunning designs.

Nikki Tibbles is truly "Wild at Heart" as no two bouquets are the same and make an awesome gift choice for anybody who loves flowers.

9. The Allotment Florist

Established in 2016, the blossoming Allotment Florist caters for the floral needs of weddings and events as well as running their own workshops. With a more organic approach to floristry, the Allotment Florist grow their own glorious flowers which is much more ethical than using internationally sourced flowers that have often been treated with chemicals that dumb down their wondrous scent.

10. Flowerbx

Delivering luxuriant, freshly cut flowers in their refrigerated vans, direct from the growers, Flowerbx offers extraordinary bouquets, that stay fresher for longer, direct to your door, whether it is at home or the workplace.

Cutting out the middle man doesn’t just mean fresher flowers either, it also means lower pricing compared to other, more traditional, florists within the UK.

There you have it, a range of amazing florists that are the best in London and are at the top of the "food chain" for flowers, or should we say "the daisy chain"!