London Winter Wedding Dressing Guide - How to find the Perfect Wear?

If you are a Londoner, you probably already know how wonderful the winters are here. Wherever you move, you find thick layers of snow and hot chocolate stalls everywhere. In short, the city looks lavish in the winter. And if you are planning to get hitched here too, then it's a win-win situation.

London winter weddings are utterly beautiful and magical. Picturesque urban venues, combined with the crackling warmth of a traditional open fire, and the moment you are holding your soulmate's hand for that unforgettable “I Do”.

Rather than shivering and shaking, you will enjoy every moment because weddings have that unique essence which makes you forget everything and lets you experience that very moment joyfully.

Apart from the freezing weather, the one essential thing which concerns many brides is what to wear. Which fabric to opt for? Which type of pattern suits their winter wedding theme the most? The questions are many, but the answers seem to be few.

You just can’t let the weather kill your mood and discourage you to look your best. But come on brides, this is your special day; you have to look glamorous for your wedding photo shoot. Not to worry, Love Wedding Car Hire has shared simple fashion tips and tricks that are handy during a cold season.


Obviously, indoor weddings venues should be your first choice. But there is also something magical about winter landscapes. Don’t you think you should take a risk and enjoy the cold breeze? This might be a tough choice for many couples, but if you guys seriously want to make your wedding a memorable one, grab your favourite designer dress, wear the most comfortable shoes and enjoy the lavish photo shoot under the blankets of snow with a beautiful horse-drawn carriage.


So, once you are done with your wedding venue, the second thing which comes up is the covering. Since the weather is cold, you need to invest in the perfect cover-up to keep you warm. If you are wearing a long-sleeved dress, then have a short-sleeve pullover with a flowing hemline, and if your dress is strappy, a smart coat or a beautiful shawl would be an excellent choice.

Pay Attention to Colours

The outside weather is romantic. So, adding colours to the wedding helps to brighten the mood. The carpet, natural blooms, with matching colour palette would definitely enlighten all wedding decor. Go with the seasonal winter flowers and ask your bridesmaids to carry the colourful confetti with all different coloured winter flowers.


Although the winter is cold, a winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to be shivering at the venue. Health comes first, so make sure your choice of fabric for the dress is good enough to keep you warm all through, after all, you don't want to catch a chill just at the start of your honeymoon!

Also, take into account that revealing clothes are not fashionable in the colder seasons anyway. It's your winter wedding, so make sure you are getting dressed accordingly with an elegant shawl especially for the outdoor wedding photography shoot.


Comfortable footwear should be your foremost choice when you have an outdoor wedding. Your shoes must be comfortable and perfectly match the wedding attire. It would be such a shame for the big day to be overshadowed by uncomfortable shoes that hurt a lot.


Some brides don’t like overdoing it with accessories. A delicate silver bracelet, along with a matching necklace and earrings will look stunning. Make sure your accessories are paired with the wedding dress and go for a 'less is more' approach to keep them simple if that is what you prefer.