Mother and Baby Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in London

Staying fit and healthy is in important aspect of your life, and after having a baby and going through nine months of stretching throughout pregnancy, not to mention the impact the delivery has on your body, it's only natural that it will take time for you to feel 100% again.

However there are numerous health services in London which will help you to get back on your feet and feel active again. Many physiotherapists provide services for both mothers and babies, and they offer home visits too which are ideal for when it is difficult to get out and about with a newborn.

Baby Physio and Mummy’s Physio are the leading paediatric, women’s health and pregnancy physiotherapy and osteopathy practices in London. All of the physiotherapists and osteopaths have years of experience and an extensive training in treating both mothers and children, including babies, making Baby Physio and Mummy’s Physio the number one in paediatrics and women’s health rehabilitation.

Paediatric Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Baby Physio’s paediatric physiotherapists and osteopaths can provide you with various treatments for your baby and child, such as:

- Orthopaedic rehabilitation (for feet deformities)
- Flat head and torticollis treatments
- Birth traumas rehabilitation (e.g. brachial plexus injury) and postnatal body rebalancing
- Cranial osteopathy
- Digestive (for reflux, colic etc.) and treatment for sleeping issues.
- Neurological issue treatments (palsy, motor disorder, developmental delays)
- Chest physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

The Mummy’s Physio’s team are highly trained in women’s health, prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal treatments, promoting safe pelvic floor rehabilitation among various other services:

- Pelvic pain management
- Incontinence treatment
- Back pain
- Pregnancy assessment and preparation for delivery
- Postnatal rebalancing with osteopathy
- Abdominal diastasis reconditioning
- MOT & postnatal assessment

Mummy’s Physio can also help you get back into shape with Pilates and personal training sessions.

Both Baby Physio and Mummy’s Physio are available on short notice, for home visits or in different practices around London at the following addresses:

- The Light Centre Belgravia near Victoria Station 9 Eccleston St, SW1W 9LX

- The Light Centre Moorgate near Moorgate Station 114 London Wall, EC2M 5QA

- Make Me Feel French Pharmacy in Clapham 25 Abbeville Rd, SW4 9LA

For more information about services, home visits and practice appointments, you can call their office on 0207 125 0262 or email them at: