Physiotherapy & Osteopathy in London – MSK, Sports & Elderly Rehabilitation

No matter your age, keeping fit and strong is a crucial way of maintaining a high standard quality of life. With age related illnesses, or after a sports injury, sometimes an extra helping hand is needed to get you back on your feet.

There are many highly professional physiotherapists in London who provide home visiting services for the elderly as well as sports rehabilitation therapy.

London Home Visit Physiotherapy and Excellence Physiotherapy

London Home Visit Physiotherapy and Excellence Physiotherapy can provide you the best treatments and rehabilitation in physiotherapy and osteopathy. With a passionate team and an extensive knowledge in body therapy, both physiotherapists and osteopath can help you treat your injuries, release your pain or get you back in shape safely.

London Home Visit Physiotherapy and Excellence Physiotherapy can help with a various range of issues, providing you safe and efficient treatments for persons of all ages:

- MSK (back, neck, shoulder pain etc.)
- Sports physiotherapy and massages
- Sports injury rehabilitation
- Post-surgery rehabilitation
- Neurological issues
- Geriatric and elderly rehabilitation
- Personal training
- Respiratory physiotherapy

Paediatric and Women's Health

Along with these, Excellence Physiotherapy can also help in Paediatric and Women’s Health conditions, such as:

- Chest physiotherapy
- Neuro physiotherapy
- Orthopaedic
- Cranial osteopathy
- Body re-balancing after childbirth (mother and baby)
- Pelvic floor rehabilitation
- Incontinence and prolapse
- Pelvic and back pain
- Abdominal toning
- Fitness, Pilates and personal training
- Pregnancy physiotherapy and osteopathy
- Postnatal physiotherapy and osteopathy

London Home Visit Physiotherapy and Excellence Physiotherapy can offer you treatments and rehabilitation at home in London or at three different practices:

- The Light Centre Belgravia 9 Eccleston St, SW1W 9LX

- The Light Centre Moorgate 114 London Wall, EC2M 5QA

- Make Me Feel French Pharmacy 25 Abbeville Road, SW4 9LA

For information call: 0207 125 0262 or email: