Top 10 Gyms You Must See in London

London is an amazing city with plenty of opportunities and fun things to do. Research shows that people in London are getting more fit over time. If you want to keep up with this health trend, there are many ways to go about this. Why not take up running or join a gym, or even if you are just thinking to splash out on some new, trendy gym wear?

To help you decide what you want to go for, here are the top ten gyms in London.

1. easyGym

One of the most affordable options in London was probably easyGym. Their aim was to provide decent facilities at low costs so it isn’t really “state of the art” but it’s a good choice if breaking the bank isn’t a preference. They also taught classes and had all the regular gym equipment you will find anywhere else.

There were seven branches in London, based in different areas including Oxford Street, East Ham, Ilford, and Wood Green, so traveling for ages to get there wouldn’t have been a problem, check out their website to find out the current situation with easyGym. It really was a great way to get fit without spending a lot and without having the financial burden of paying hefty membership fees every month.

2. 1Rebel

1Rebel is a gym that aims to bring a different experience than others. The gym was founded by the son of the owner of Fitness First. The gym has that “nightclub” feel and aims to be more of an enjoyable experience than just a regular cramped gym.

It’s for people who don’t like the idea of a regular gym and want to try something new. The trainers are extremely friendly and the equipment is modern. The idea behind 1Rebel is something that hasn’t been seen before in a gym and this is probably the main reason why people are attracted to it. Although it’s a slightly pricier option, the experience will definitely be worth it.

As well as normal gym memberships, 1Rebel also offers a range of fitness classes for people who are more into social environments and working out with others. They have many branches in locations such as Bayswater, Victoria, Broadgate, and South Bank.

3. GymBox

GymBox has a franchise of gyms that offer a more “modern” experience with seven branches around London, in Stratford, Holborn, Bank, Old Street, and Covent Garden. From yoga to boxing and even to the DJ who motivates you as you train GymBox has it all.

The gym has independent professionals who help people to train and are known as VPT (very personal trainers), making this gym’s experience a very beneficial one and a good investment if reaching that fitness goal is becoming difficult.

GymBox is quite a large gym with modern facilities and its own boxing ring for making training more enjoyable.

4. Third Space

Third Space was founded 15 years ago in Soho and is a luxury gym that has everything a fitness enthusiast could ever wish for and more. The idea behind the gym is that it’s supposed to be the “third space” you stay in after work and your own home. This means that the gym has been designed in a way to cater for the needs of all members and ensure that their experience at Third Space is a memorable one.

The gym also features a Hypoxic chamber which limits the oxygen in the air putting more stress on the body making this suitable for high-intensity workouts or training for mountain climbing as it simulates an area with a high altitude. This gym is pricy but is regarded as one of the best in London, it's well worth it and you will definitely get what you pay for. It now also has branches in Marylebone, Tower Bridge London Riverside, and Canary Wharf.

5. BLOK London

Originally a warehouse, BLOK is a really trendy gym that has a very different feel than regular gyms. It is mostly class-based without expensive machines such as treadmills making it more of a social environment. Classes include boxing, yoga, and Pilates and there isn’t a membership system so classes are paid for individually or bought in bundles.

The gym also has a unique bar that serves bone broth and many other nutritional drinks and snacks that will compliment your fitness plan. BLOK as a whole is an extremely trendy and fun gym to be able to attend. Check out their branches in Shoreditch and Clapton.

6. Another Space

People liked the idea of the gym Third Space but the membership fees put a lot of people off. In order to counter this, the owners opened a new gym called Another Space which is like the sister version of Third Space, with branches in Bank and Tower Bridge London Riverside. With no need to pay monthly fees, Another Space is a great alternative, and classes are booked individually or in bundles.

The gym has everything from boxing, yoga, core strength training classes, and even a smoothie bar to keep you refreshed after the intense workout.

7. Core Collective

If calisthenics is your thing then Core Collective is a gym in Kensington that should definitely be considered. With friendly trainers and superbly taught classes, you’re in good hands in this gym. The gym has a lot of circuit training and similar activities to create a social but beneficial environment.

There are seven different unique classes and are all taught by well-trained instructors to ensure that that time you invest into this gym is worthwhile and not wasted. The classes are all really different so there is a variety of things to try without you getting bored of the same class over and over again. Classes that are offered include yoga, Pilates, and even ballet.

8. Psycle

Psycle in Shoreditch is an amazing gym that has a party atmosphere to it with lots of high-intensity workouts with a twist. There is a large room filled with bikes where the cardio training takes place complimented by dim lighting and a motivational DJ making it something that other gyms just don’t really have.

It’s a bit more relaxed than other gyms and feels less judgmental according to members there. The gym offers a different experience to other gyms and is definitely worth looking into. You can also go to their other branches in Marylebone and Canary Wharf.

9. The Refinery

The Refinery in E9 is in a basement and has a really warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is a large range of fitness classes from yoga to Pilates and they even have fitness and health workshops to help you get the motivation you need alongside whatever kind of workout you plan to do.

10. The Berkeley Hotel

If you have the cash to splash then this gym/hotel in Knightsbridge is an absolutely amazing option. Everything about The Berkeley Hotel gym just has a premium feel from the 10m rooftop pool and spa to the state-of-the-art equipment. This gym has a “country club” feel due to the spectacular views over Hyde Park.

The gym also offers life coaching and a range of fitness well-being classes. There is a range of facilities available and towels etc are provided. It is a costly option but sometimes why not splash out on the finer things in life, you deserve it!


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    Please check out Pure Fitness Shoreditch, a boutique strength and conditioning studio set in the heart of Shoreditch. Home to some of London's best trainers. Thanks!