London T-Shirts: Wear and Share the Love

The T-shirt is a wardrobe staple, casual and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day and even during the night for bed. In fact, T-shirts are so common that almost everybody has at least one, while some people even own a whole collection of them!

Nevertheless, such an ordinary item of clothing can actually be a means to make a huge expression of individuality. Many people choose T-shirt designs that reflect their personality and feature things that they love such as the names of famous places, movies, music bands, characters and quotes. In comparison to all the other items of clothing that we wear, T-shirts are the one thing that can be used to make a daring declaration.

So not only are T-shirts awesome items of clothing in their own right but when you combine them with imagery from one of the world’s greatest cities, i.e. London, then you end up with a double whammy of awesomeness!

So why not hold a piece of London close to your heart by wearing a cool London T-shirt. There are so many incredible designs to choose from, so we bring you some of the very best.

Union Jack T-Shirts

The classic colours of the Union Jack are sure to make a bold statement on any T-shirt that incorporates them. We love Union Jack clothing and one of the best ways to fly the flag with style is by wearing a Union Jack tee.

London City T-Shirts

A T-shirt displaying a birds-eye view of the city that shows the London skyline in all its magnificence is the perfect gift from the British capital. London cityscape T-shirts feature all sorts of famous London landmarks such as The Shard, Tower Bridge overlooking the River Thames, the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral and of course, Big Ben.

London Guards T-Shirts

If you like the look of pageantry, then you could wear a T-shirt that features the Queen's guards at Buckingham Palace and commemorate everything that is Royal about London.

Retro London T-Shirts

Retro artwork goes well on a London T-shirt as it reflects the historical past of the city, it can also be combined with abstract imagery in an effective effort to exhibit how the historical and contemporary aspects of the city are intertwined.

London T-Shirts for Men

London souvenir T-shirts make a great gift idea for men as there are various cool designs and styles; a muscle-fit Union Jack T-shirt, for example, not only makes a person look athletic but could also be worn to the gym as well, or even just for casual use.

London T-Shirts for Women

When it comes to ladies London T-shirts, there are some quite pretty and glamorous varieties depicting famous sights and landmarks in London. Women’s London T-shirts are perfect to be worn in the summer when it’s just too hot to wear a jacket, not only will they help you to keep your cool when out and about in the bustling city, but they are also highly fashionable and elegant looking too.

London T-Shirts for Kids

When it comes to buying T-shirts for children, the good news is that London souvenir T-shirts are available in kid’s sizes too. A London themed T-shirt for a child is an ideal gift from the UK as they often feature cute and humorous illustrations of famous London icons.

I Love London T-shirts

If you love London then shout it out loud with an uncomplicated yet bold design that features a big red love heart, which is used to make up the popular slogan. “I Love London” T-shirts really do their bit in spreading the love for one of the most magnificent and historically rich cities on earth.

Other London T-Shirt Designs

Other great London souvenir T-shirt designs include:

Double Decker Bus T-Shirts - The wheels on the bus really do go “round and round” all day long in London and what a better way to honour such a handy transport service than by wearing a cool red London bus T-shirt.

Red Telephone Box T-shirts - Nostalgic and traditional, red London telephone boxes look fabulous on T-shirts. Red telephone booths are a popular iconic feature of London and a handy option for if you ever run out of mobile phone credit while in the city.

London Policeman T-shirts - London is famous for its bobbies on the beat and if you had the opportunity to say hello to a British bobby while in London, why not pick up a policeman souvenir to remember them by?

British Post Box T-Shirts - There are over 100,000 post boxes in the United Kingdom, furthermore the red Royal Mail post box is such an iconic feature of London and has been around since the 1800s. Replica red post boxes are also popular London gift ideas and come in the form of keyrings, magnets, models and many more souvenirs, as well as T-shirts.

Big Ben T-shirts - Towering over the skyline of London, the Big Ben clock tower really is a grand sight indeed; it also looks just as great on a T-shirt.

Houses of Parliament T-shirts - Did you know that the Houses of Parliament was built in the 11th century and used to be a Royal residence? It is an impressive landmark and where all the serious stuff happens. A T-shirt featuring an image of this historical building would be perfect to be worn while exploring the vast metropolis that is London.

Union Jack Polo Shirts

Ultra stylish and modern, Union Jack polo shirts are at the height of fashion and look slick with a pair of jeans.

London Hoodies

Inevitably when the British weather turns chilly and the winter nights creep in early, T-shirts aren’t exactly the appropriate thing to wear, but don’t despair; London souvenir Union Jack hoodies are here to the rescue to keep you nice and warm. They come in all sorts of fashionable designs and colours too.

A hooded sweatshirt with a Union Jack print will also look great when you wear it in other cold countries as well, where you can proudly tell anyone who asks that you got it from London!

T-Shirts from the UK

London isn’t the only place worth visiting in the British Isles and there are some absolutely gorgeous places in other parts of England and the United Kingdom that have to be seen as well. So why not pick up a few T-shirts to commemorate your favourite parts of the rest of the United Kingdom too?

Scotland T-Shirts

Home to some of the most beautiful sights in the UK, Scotland is a magical place with forbidding highlands and lush glens; there are some great Scottish souvenir T-shirts that feature fantastic themes such as the Saltire; also known as the St. Andrew's flag as well as Westie (West Highland White Terrier) dogs, Scottish Pipers dressed in their kilts with bagpipes, quotes such as I Love Scotland, Edinburgh Castle, the Loch Ness Monster and not forgetting the famous Highland coo.

Ireland T-Shirts

Off the coast of England and Wales, Ireland is a magnificent place with its green hills and rolling plains. There are some lovely Irish souvenir T-shirts that feature images of the Ireland flag, shamrocks, leprechauns and the names of famous locations in Ireland such as Killarney and Dublin.

Wales T-Shirts

With many stunning places, like the picturesque mountains of Snowdonia and the sandy beaches of the coastline, Wales is famous for its natural beauty (and sheep!). Some of the themes that Welsh souvenir T-shirts include are the Wales Flag with the striking Red Dragon, daffodils, the famous Welsh lady and the names of famous places in Wales such as Llangollen and Snowden.

We have covered a whole host of London and UK themed T-shirts to help you decide on which ones to buy, as there are so many wonderful British souvenir T-shirts available that it is very hard to decide on what to get! They will all look stylish and keep you comfortable at the same time.