Best Private Flight Airports in London

London is not only one of the busiest cities in the world but also a hotspot for culture and business. Hundreds of millions of passengers fly to and from the UK's capital every year - a considerable part of that number consists of private jet flights.

London has a total of 10 airports that welcome private jets, however, this article will discuss the 5 best options. 

London Farnborough Airport

Boasting one of the most modern facilities in Europe, the London Farnborough Airport is a common choice for private flight passengers here in the city. The airport is exclusively orientated towards business travellers, so the terminal ensures a smart, quick and stress-free boarding experience for them.

It has excellent connections to and from London City (the fastest being by helicopter) and offers a range of amenities, including meeting rooms, showers, refreshments, high-quality furnishings and reading materials.

Biggin Hill Airport

Situated around 20 kilometres southeast of central London, the London Biggin Hill Airport is an ideal choice for both business and leisure flights. The facilities have been designed to accommodate passengers with high-end experiences, with the availability of VIP lounges, limousine service, helicopter shuttle and anything else you may need.

Additionally, the Biggin Hill Airport has a unique history - it was built in 1917 and served both World Wars as an important military base, after which it was refurbished and modernised for commercial use.

London Luton Airport

Often named to be the most important hub for private jets and business flights to the capital, London Luton Airport receives a large number of private flight passengers every year. The airport has three terminals accommodating private jets as well as state-of-the-art facilities to ensure their comfort and safety.

The VIP amenities offer 24-hour service to cater for every need of the passenger, although the speedy and fuss-free check-out and boarding process will not keep you waiting for too long.

London City Airport

The London LCY Airport is often perceived as the most convenient due to its central location - the terminal is only a short drive away from the key business areas and popular tourist attractions in the city.

Opened by Queen Elizabeth II back in 1987, the airport is highly popular for private and commercial flights. Its Private Jet Centre offers a personal reception, comfortable VIP and business lounges, conference and meeting rooms, chauffeur service and an airport concierge.

London Stansted Airport

The third largest airport in the city, London Stansted Airport, flies to more than 170 destinations in over 35 countries across the globe. The private jet passengers here can enjoy the luxury facilities of four separate VIP terminals, including Inflite Jet Centre, Business Centre, Universal Aviation and Fayair terminals.

Flying to and from the Stansted Airport privately you may expect the highest level of service with VIP treatment, fine catering services, bespoke facilities, private limousine transfers to the aircraft and more. The most popular flying destinations from this airport include Paris, Nice, Dublin and Geneva. 

Flying private is all about the convenience and comfort you get and so each of these 5 London airports will provide you just that. They are all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, VIP lounges, top security, private shuttles and any other premium services you may require before, during or after your trip.