7 Best Universities to Get a Creative Writing Degree in London

London is one of the most populous capitals in the world and is known to offer very good universities in the world. It possesses the highest concentration of higher education in Europe, with 412,000 students. When choosing a program such as Creative Writing, will enable students to discover different genres.

What are the 7 best universities to get a Creative Writing degree in London?

Before Starting Your Creative Writing Degree in London

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University of Westminster

The university has a few BAs in Creative Writing. Each program offers you the chance to advance your writing abilities while deepening your grasp of the English language's grammatical structure, usage, and history. Along with covering the functions of the language in both spoken and written forms, as well as the varieties of English spoken today.

The course offers organised assistance and direction for the growth of writing abilities across a range of genres. Concentrating on the artistic potential of English will improve your knowledge and comprehension of the language. This specific combination is appropriate for people who want to work in any industry where highly sophisticated language use is required, like professional writing, creative writing, or publishing.

In every year of study, the students will have the chance to take an elective module covering a variety of topics from throughout the university. Additionally, the course will give you the cognitive and transferable abilities you need for ongoing career and personal development.

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University of Greenwich

The creative writing degree at the University of Greenwich uses the study of great writing from different periods and cultures to help a student grow as a writer. The Creative Writing degree explores writing across a wide variety of forms and genres. With optional modules, you will be allowed to broaden your studies. Moreover, you will have the option to specialize in particular areas of writing. The goal of this course is to help you develop your voice and approach to writing by the time you graduate.

The popular career options after this study are big. It will range from professional writing and research to publishing and arts administration.

University of Roehampton

With this program, you will develop a lot of qualities, such as creativity, adaptability, and self-confidence. That will help prepare you for tomorrow's career and workplace. The University of Roehampton also believes that a university experience does more than prepare for a successful career. Studying Creative Writing there will help you become a confident and well-rounded individual.

You will be able to work with people from all walks of life and be equipped for whatever direction you choose in life. Throughout your studies, you will have the opportunity to join one of the college’s thriving student societies. You will have the possibility of taking part in sports and music, volunteering, and making the most of your time!

Northeastern University

The first year writing and advanced writing are mandatory in the Creative Writing courses. The university’s Writing Center, and NU Writing, the undergraduate writing journal, make up the Writing Program. It is a college where new technology is at the core of the program.

According to the faculty, all students should be able to write well and meet the learning objectives of the NU path “Writing across Audiences and Genres” qualities. To do this, teachers provide opportunities for pupils to write better across the curriculum.

Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway University is ranked among the top 25 universities in the United Kingdom and the top 300 universities in the world. This institution is a community that encourages individuals to succeed in all aspects of their lives—academically, socially, and personally—through world-class research that broadens perspectives and transforms lives and committed faculty.

When you go to this college, you will develop into a critical reader and a confident as well as expressive writer. You may choose to specialize in this field by integrating the study of Creative Writing and English. At the Royal Holloway University of London, you will discover your writing style, hone your writing skills, and discover how to produce, evaluate, and shape an artistic work.

These are all important life skills that go beyond crafting plays, novels, or poems. Your skills in character, voice, ambiguity, style, and cultural context will be useful in a variety of fields, including academic publishing, journalism, website development, and advertising.

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Saint Mary’s University

The program leverages Saint Mary's London location to appeal to publishing authors of poetry, fiction, and screenplays. You will study a variety of forms, styles, and genres to develop a core set of skills that will allow you to write what you love as well as possible. In addition to prose fiction classes, professional classes in journalism, publishing, and screenwriting are designed to help you turn your skills into a career.

Saint Mary's offers its creative writing students the opportunity to study other topics. In addition to writing, you will not feel as though you have shifted your concentration too quickly. Colleagues will critique and read each other's writing as you improve your editing skills and share your work. You will read a lot of books, essays, poetry, comics, screenplays, and more. The fundamental truth about writing creatively is that you cannot write if you cannot read.

Kingston University

There is a diverse selection of writing genres available for study in the BA degree courses, allowing you to focus on the ones that pique your interest. You'll find a wide range of options, including plays, novels, poetry, short stories, memoirs, and nonfiction.

The school’s graduates' employability is given a lot of weight. Professional writing is the focus of the courses, and guest lecturers with publishing experience, such as literary agents, copywriters, reviewers, and literary editors, will give talks on the subject. Simultaneously, you will be inspired to write experimentally and follow your creative urges to generate your finest work.

Enrolling at a top university in London to get a Creative Writing degree is a good idea. The studies will push you to hone your critical thinking skills. You will develop your writing technique and learn to write both critically and creatively. In most universities, you will have access to a wide range of classical and contemporary books.

To sum up, a Creative Writing Degree in London will enable you to have all the tools needed to succeed in the field. You will have the capacity to analyze texts and to be more creative in your writing.