10 Ways to Save Money when Travelling in London

When it comes to shopping for London souvenirs, entertainment and attractions, London is probably one of the priciest cities in the world, however, a trip to London doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, there are many cheaper options for tourists with which they can roam around the city even on a small budget.

There are many ways and means to have a great trek around London without using up all of your available resources. In general, with a bit of luck, you can land a good deal on accommodation by booking through online portals. There are many cost-effective alternatives to luxurious hotels, which are reputable and still decent enough for your to enjoy your holiday. It's an incredible advantage for large groups, friends and relatives, or couples since costs are generally less expensive than high-end lodgings.

There's no lack of fun things to do in London even when you are running on a tight budget either. Some highly recommended choices include wandering through its exhibition halls and popular attractions and maybe heading out on a solitary stroll through the city. In any case, before you reach out for your wallet, there are a few things that you should be aware of which can help you keep stick to your budget.

Here is a list of 10 tips which can significantly cut down on your expenses while visiting London.

Visitor Oyster Card

Indeed an ideal approach to control your travel spending in London is by purchasing a visitor oyster card. An Oyster Card is a travel card and can save a lot of money on trains, the tube, on buses, and even on boats. With the help of an Oyster Card could halve your travel costs when compared to other paper tickets or cash purchases. At a low price of £3, it is definitely a must-have for visitors.

Guest Oyster Cards can be purchased online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Many visitors prefer this option since it can also save a lot of time. Load up your Visitor Oyster Card online and do a recharge when the balance gets too low. Visitor Oyster Cards can also be used to pay for the travel from the air terminals to the city. Guest Oyster Cards provide discounts in many hotels and restaurants, and shops too.

Get a Chip Card or a Contactless

Another alternative to an Oyster Card is to just use your bank card in the public stations. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind. As per the Transport for London guidelines, there are two different types of Contactless cards. Ones that are issued in the UK and the others which are issued outside the UK.

In the first case, if the card was issued in the UK, you can use it for travelling in almost all of the common public transport routes. The card, however, could be a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Maestro. On the other hand, you're visiting London from outside the UK, and you also have the option to use your own card for travelling. However, not all bank cards might be free to use. They might attract international charges. Just to sum it up:

a) All American Express cards from outside the UK can be used.
b) A lot of the Maestro cards and Mastercard issued outside the UK are also accepted.
c) Some Visa cards issued outside the UK carry restrictions.
d) Not all of the V PAY cards are not accepted.

The London Pass

The London Pass is a card you can use to tour the city. The London pass permits you entry at a marked down rate or for free to more than 60 top London attractions. An estimated 3 million people use the London pass. It also offers cash incentives to users who make this option very viable. You can get attractive discounts in places like The London Zoo, The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.

As a guest, it can be time-saving and will allow you to use fast-track access. Other benefits include receiving travel schedules. A whopping number of 94% people prefer using The London Pass. You can purchase a London Pass simply by using your mobile phone which typically lasts for one to ten days.

Buying Tickets to the London Theatres

Many of London's tourists visit the capital for the theatre scene. Typically, the majority are not too particular about the seating. In such cases, it is an incredible spending tip is to purchase your tickets on the day. Merely make a beeline for Leicester Square around 11 am, and you'll discover corners that offer numerous tickets for that day at substantially less expensive fares. This is a wonderful method to snatch a deal and appreciate an extraordinary melodic play or movie execution at a small amount of the cost.

On the other hand, if you don't want to chance paying out too much on the day, you might also land some deals on the Internet if you book a slot at the London Theatre directly.

Travel During the non-peak Hours

Another simple method to save some extra cash when in London is to travel at off-peak times. As far as public transport, the rush hours are when the vast majority commute to work from 6:30 am to 9:30 am toward the beginning of the day. If you choose to travel after this time, you will be charged a rate that is generally much less expensive.

Don't Rule out Hotels

Hostels can be an ideal option for backpackers and a typical choice for those hoping to visit London on a budget. In any case, hostels can work out better if you are not looking for private accommodation. Travelodge and Premier Inn typically run amazing deals. Even the rooms are reasonably priced. They also have an active website which can aid you with your decision even before arriving in London.

Check out the off-peak Hotels

Another incredible settlement tip to increase your savings during your trip to London is to look for off-peak hotels. These hotels generally cater to corporate clients who are available during the weekdays from Monday to Thursday. The weekends for such hotels can be a slump time. To attract more tourists during the weekends, these hotels typically slash their boarding rates. They offer considerably less expensive prices at the end of the week.

Dropping their rates on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings this way enables these lodgings to draw in visitors from the recreation division increasingly and encourages you to set aside extra cash as well. Standard business zones in London include the London Bridge, Euston, and Waterloo. These are the places to watch out for when you're visiting the capital on a weekend.

The Meal Deals

Expenses on food are the top priority for every traveller. This expense can mount before you know it. As a starter, Boots (a well-known drug store found on pretty much every road in London) offer supper bargains each day of the week. These are ideal for lunch on the go. Typically these meals would include a wrap or serve of mixed greens along with a sandwich with a tidbit like popcorn and a beverage, all for just slightly over £3.

Another chain that goes by the name of WHSmith also offers a similar combo deal. The Supermarkets Sainsbury's and Tesco also run interesting bargain deals for quick meals on the go.

Eat Locally

Keep a watch out for spots like Lewisham, Brixton, or even Dalston for everyday basic supplies. Do not stick to the ones in Zone 1. An ideal piece of advice for a traveller will be to head out to Brick Lane for a tasty and modest Indian cuisine. Another option is to go to Kingsland Road for something really exciting, like a Vietnamese buffet.

Look out for the Freebies

With such vast numbers of astounding free activities in London, there's no compelling reason to choose for paid entertainment. Be it one of the numerous great historical centers and galleries, the green spaces like the Kensington Gardens, or the marketplaces like Borough Market and Camden Market.

A stroll down the Thames Path is a must for all visitors to London, as is capturing a selfie with Big Ben. Taking a walk and soaking up the atmosphere around the London Eye is another delightful thing to do while you are in London, especially when the weather is nice.

All in all, there is a plenitude of sights to see and places to visit, you can walk all day long in London before even considering to pay out on any of the attractions.