London Souvenirs and Gifts for Kids

Trying to find the right gift for a child can be particularly challenging, everybody prefers something different and you don’t want to get them a gift that won’t be appreciated. London souvenirs however have a large variety with something that will suit everyone’s taste, when it comes to picking a present, London gifts are your best friend. So what are the best gifts that you can buy from London for children?

Here is a range of different London souvenirs for kids, as you can see there are a lot of things to choose from:

Backpacks and Purses

Keep those essentials safe with a London themed backpack, it's ultra-stylish and just the thing any child will need to carry their books to school. Backpacks are handy; the child’s books, stationery and packed lunch can all be carried together and because the weight is held from straps on the back, they won’t even feel the load they are carrying!

London backpacks are adorned with iconic sights from the capital city or the Union Jack giving the wearer a sense of individuality and patriotic pride, why use a plain boring bag when you can have one of these trendy backpacks?

Teddy Bears

A teddy bear is a great gift; any young child will treasure it forever and always remember the person that got it for them. London themed teddy bears are all the cuter, either holding a Union Jack heart or dressed up in some iconic London regalia, who could have thought a policeman teddy bear would be so cute? Other varieties include royal guard and Beefeater teddy bears; maybe get the child the trio for some London teddy tea party fun!

Not a London souvenir but a cute fellow nonetheless, a Scottish piper teddy bear is also a fabulous gift idea bringing the love from the highlands.


Although stationery is important for everyone, children are especially in need of pens and pencils for school (bearing in mind the countless stationery items that go missing!). London souvenir stationery is a fabulous gift idea that is sure to come in handy and not to mention making the child the trendiest in the class.

There is a vast range when it comes to London souvenir stationery with pens and pencils to rubbers and rulers all emblazoned with the Union Jack and other famous sights from London, such as the Big Ben, London Eye and all your other favourites.

As if all the above isn’t cool enough, there are also London school kits available, containing a whole set of stationery complete with a pencil case; it’s the best London back to school present.


Nothing screams out city-style like London T-Shirt, they’re cool and super comfy, and the best part, they are also available in junior sizes making them great gifts for children. There are many fabulous styles of kids London T-shirts, some being historical and others funky, why not get one to match your own for some parent-child chic?

Children’s London graphic tees are a favourite and all varieties have intricate and trendy designs; the styles may be different but all of them share the same British flair… simply marvellous gifts ideas for the mini Anglophiles amongst us.

Model Cars and Buses

Red buses and black taxis are the most iconic vehicles on the streets of London and are much-loved modes of transport in the city. If the child you are buying the gift for likes toy cars, a model bus or taxi is a fantastic idea as there are also pull-back versions of the models which will bring endless hours of joy.

There are various sizes and all are intricately designed, some models even have opening doors. Although London souvenir model cars make lovely display pieces, they are also fun toys for kids to play with making it a superb London gift idea.

Pink London Souvenirs and Gifts

When choosing a gift for a little girl, there isn’t anything pink and pretty that she won’t love. From a pink London baseball cap to a pink Double Decker bus key chain, there is no shortage of pink London souvenirs to choose from.


For a subtle but stylish gift idea why not get a London souvenir badge? London themed badges are small enough to fit perfectly on a shirt and make beautiful keepsakes; there are all kinds of badges ranging from depictions of famous London landmarks to Royal guards and policemen. They are an ideal gift for children who like collecting badges and can even be stuck on a London baseball cap or backpack.

For an extra trendy addition to any outfit, whether it’s for kids or adults, a red “Keep calm and carry on” badge gives a real snazzy look to a shirt.

Key Chains

An inexpensive and much-loved gift idea, London key chains are an all-time favourite. Bus model key chains and other iconic features of London make excellent gift ideas; the child might not have their own set of keys to put them yet on but will treasure the lovely trinket nonetheless.

Stringfellow key chains are really cute and any child will definitely love them, the dangly legs and adorable face just make it a fun London souvenir gift.

Light-up Souvenirs

Let’s shed some light on this one! Light-up London souvenirs are the ultimate gift for a child and let’s face it, even some adults are afraid of the dark but there is no need to despair.

The light-up red telephone box pictured above is fitted with a touch sensor, tap it once to see it light and tap it for longer to adjust the brightness; it’s great for placing near the bed so it can be switched on in the night when it is needed, it also makes a great ornament for the house as well. It's a charming reminder of the streets of London at night when the traditional red British telephone boxes are lit up.

Don't forget to pick up a Union Jack paper or plastic bag to give the gift in as it will make it extra special and the bag is a gift in itself, what's more, it can be used to carry things in afterwards.

Above are some various ideas for London souvenirs as gift ideas for kids, we hope after reading this choosing a present for those little sweethearts in your life shouldn’t be such a difficult task.


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