10 Best London Personal Trainers

Do you live in London? Are you thinking about getting into shape? Research shows that over 90% of people attempting a body transformation will fail. The main reason why they don’t achieve their goals? – A lack of knowledge around training and nutrition.

Hiring a personal trainer ensures accountability during your transformation, keeping you on track with your physique and fitness goals. We put together this list of the top 10 personal trainers in London (in no particular order) to get you the best results from your body transformation.

1 Right Path Fitness

Get the most out of your training at the best studio in London. Right Path Fitness has all the equipment you need for your body transformation and the team to get you the results you desire from your body transformation.

They have online, on-demand classes and classes at their London location with passionate PTs that will help you get in shape fast.

Call them at 0207 650 8946 or email at info@rightpathfitness.co.uk to find out how they can help with your body transformation.

2 Sinclair Fitness

Richard Sinclair helped hundreds of people achieve their physique and weight loss goals over the last seven years. He specializes in body transformations involving fat-loss and muscle-building strategies to meet your goals.

With Richard Sinclair working with you, you can expect bespoke training plans catering to your lifestyle needs, with nutritional advice and education. You get frequent progress reviews and options for one-on-one training sessions and group classes.

If you’re in London Bridge or Bermondsey, reach out to Richard at sinclairfitnessuk@gmail.com or 07735 019 354 to book a consultation.


We understand that many ladies like to work with other ladies in their training sessions. If you're looking for one of London's best female fitness organizations, we recommend going with KBPT. This all-girl team of level III qualified PTs will get you in shape fast.

KBPT has its studio in Hackney, with a team of mobile PTs ready to come to your home or the local park for a personalized training experience. The KBPT team specializes in women's fitness, including pre and post-natal training systems.

Reach out to the KBPT team at 07966 257 998, or drop them an email with your inquiry at kate@kbpersonaltraining.co.uk.

4 Sam Burrows

Sam is one of the leading calisthenics training professionals in London. With six years of experience working with private and corporate clients, Sam will get you into shape. Sam focuses on building his client's flexibility, strength, and movement, emphasizing mobility, good health, and Longevity in his training methods.

You have options for bespoke training services, offering you private training, group programs, and corporate classes. Sam's system incorporates the use of Animal Flow, Calisthenics Training, and Functional Range Conditioning to help you meet your fitness and physique goals.

Sam has his studio in New Cross, South East London. You can drop him an email at Samburrows84@gmail.com or call 07961 584 996 to book a consultation.

5 Damo’s Personal Training

Get into shape with Damo. This Level IV certified PT offers you a range of bespoke training services, with a history of catering to celebrities, music stars, actors, comedians, and TV celebs. Damo will put together a bespoke training package designed to meet your fitness and wellness goals.

With 20 years of combined experience, Damo and his trainers are ready to get you into shape with sustainable fitness strategies offering proven results. Whether you want to build o your current fitness level or complete a body transformation, Damo’s fitness is ready to help.

Damo has his studio in Oval, Kennington, just a short walk from Stockwell underground station. Reach out to Damo to book a consultation at info@damospt.com or call 07956 212 401.

6 Tom Blackett Fitness

Tom Blackett is ready to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals. He specializes in a range of training strategies for men and women, with a customized approach to removing the “cookie-cutter” fitness programs you get with most other trainers.

Tom builds your fitness program around personal needs, ensuring you get a strategy that suits your unique lifestyle requirements and goals. Tom will offer you training and nutrition advice; you just need to show up.

Tom has his studio at 45 White Lion Street, Pentonville. Drop him an email at info@tomblackettfitness.com to book a consultation or call him at 07896 955 848.

7 Mario Siacovou – Vegan Personal Training

If you’re a vegan, then you know you need specialized training to meet the demands of your plant-based lifestyle. With Mario watching over your workout and nutritional needs, you can expect the results you desire for your fitness and well-being.

Mario has extensive experience working with vegans, and he knows what you demand from your training interactions. He works with yoga techniques, focusing on flexibility, movement, and range of motion.

Mario offers his training services in North London. Reach out to him at mariosiacovou@outlook.com to book a consultation and trial.

8 Zara Smalley

If you’re looking for a female personal trainer in London, why not go with Zara Smiley? Zara offers you a range of customized training programs to suit your wellness and lifestyle goals.

She specializes in personal and online training sessions, with bespoke strategies for weddings and pre and post-natal training for women. Zara offers training and nutritional advice for any physique or wellness goal.

Zara works out of Battersea in London. Email her at zaradaisysmalley@gmail.com or call 07717 716 960 for your consultation.

9 Danny Fisher Fitness

Danny Fisher holds a National Diploma in Sports Science and Degree in Business Administration and Finance. He has 14 years of experience in professional training and an Active IQ Fitness instructor level II and Personal Trainer Level III qualification.

Danny specializes in training systems promoting the development of natural movement and biomechanics. He’s an expert in structuring effective weight loss programs for men and women, with over 25,000 hours of training sessions under his belt – Danny wants you to be his next success story.

Danny has a studio at Blackheath Village. Contact him at danny@fisherfitness.co.uk or call 07980 300 600 to book a consultation.

10 Nathan Towle Personal Training

Nathan Towle is available to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Nathan and his team of trainers focus on providing clients with all the resources and guidance they need to lose weight, gain strength, and see results from their efforts.

Nathan promises you results, or you won’t pay for the session. He specializes in customized programs for his clients, with training, and nutrition advice to meet your fitness and wellness goals.

Nathan and his team operate a fully equipped studio in Fulham and around West London. Contact them at contact@nathantowle.co.uk or call 07793 050 123 to book a consultation.